Childhood Obesity Essay Sample

8 August 2017


Children of course gain weight as they grow older but if the supply of Calories is more than are required for normal growing and development. one of the largest public wellness issues arises. Childhood fleshiness is one of the more serious medical conditions emerging in the universe. The key to bar and control of this potentially deathly epidemic is awareness and instruction among the populace. Knowledge of hazard factors and causes is indispensable along with early showing and diagnosing to forestall its common complications. Medicines and surgery are to be the last resort. Periodic appraisal of indexs of successful intercessions has to be done if we wish to do this universe a safer topographic point for our hereafter – our kids.

Childhood Obesity Essay Sample Essay Example

Children of course gain weight as they grow older but if the consumption of Calories is more than are required for normal growing and development. it is clip to acquire concerned. These excess Calories lead to one of the deadliest epidemics of the 21stcentury – childhood fleshiness. This is a really serious medical status impacting kids and striplings. It is characterized by a weight good above that expected for the tallness of the kid. and a high Body-Mass Index. One of the most distressing facts of this disease is the scenario of “buy one. acquire one free” . Along with the fleshiness come jobs of diabetes. high blood force per unit area. asthma. sleep upsets. early pubescence and sterility. Other important jobs which can develop are low self-esteem and depression.

Statisticss put frontward by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2004 show that 16 % of kids 6-19 old ages were overweight or corpulent – a figure that has tripled since 1980 ( cited in “Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Children and Adolescents: United States. 1999-2002” . 2004 ) . In add-on. another 15 % were at hazard of developing fleshiness in the close hereafter. Harmonizing to the CDC. over the past three decades the childhood fleshiness rate has more than doubled for preschool kids aged 2-5 old ages and striplings aged 12-19 old ages. whereas it has more than tripled for kids aged 6-11 old ages.

Fleshy striplings have a 70 % opportunity of going corpulence or corpulent grownups. This figure increases to 80 % if one or both parents are fleshy or corpulent. Obesity associated one-year infirmary costs for the immature has more than tripled over two decennaries lifting from $ 35 million in 1980 to $ 127 million in the twelvemonth 2000 ( cited in “Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance” . Institute of Medicine. 2005 ) . Therefore it becomes clear that non merely does the corpulent single airs a direct menace to himself. he besides poses as an indirect menace to the society in footings of costs and socio-economics. It besides becomes clear how childhood fleshiness has come to have on the mantle of an of import public wellness issue.

In order to forestall childhood fleshiness. it is indispensable to hold an thought of its causes and hazard factors. Although some instances of childhood fleshiness may be attributed to familial and hormonal causes ( such as the Cushing’s syndrome ) . most of the corpulent kids are eating excessively much and exerting excessively small. Normal kids need excess foods and Calories for their normal growing and development. and with these Calories they add weight proportional to their growing. This is in contrast to those kids who ingest more Calories than are required. The latter 1s become corpulent.

Many factors working in tandem addition a child’s hazard of going fleshy /obese. Some of these factors have already been mentioned. viz. . a high Calorie diet. a sedentary life style and genetic sciences. Other factors include psychological and socioeconomic factors. A kid may seek to get by with a job by gorging. In add-on. poorness and fleshiness go manus in manus. Finally. the environment in a child’s place has a major function to play. Access to high Calorie grocery has to be controlled particularly at place.

Increasing consciousness of the causes and hazard factors will travel a long manner in the bar of childhood fleshiness. As portion of regular doctor’s visits. the child’s weight and tallness are plotted on a graph which tells the physician precisely how the kid compares with other kids of his age and sex. Cutoff points have been established by the CDC on these growing charts which help to place corpulent kids. In add-on to tallness and weight. the physician besides identifies the child’s familial history. his eating wonts. his activity degree etc.

Most of these enterprises are sponsored by the government’s Department of Health and Human Services along with voluntary bureaus and run spouses. Children and their parents are taught the importance of eating good and maintaining physically active. They are encouraged to see anti-obesity web sites sponsored by the authorities. These reforms if implemented from an early age will travel a long manner in change by reversaling the tendency of childhood fleshiness. Many communities launch their ain anti-obesity plans like the extremely successful MEND plan ( cited in the BBC web site. 22neodymiumApril. 2007 ) . Here accent is laid on the nutriment of a healthy lifestyle alternatively of merely nutrient and exercising.

The success of any intercession plan can be assessed by the rating of the chief indexs of fleshiness. viz. weight for tallness and sex. and the Body-Mass Index. Other of import indexs can be the waist measuring and tegument crease thickness.

Professor Alan Lucas. Director of the Medical Research Council Childhood Nutrition Research Center at the Institute of Child Health. said the followers:

Obesity is an huge public wellness issue in both immediate and long term wellness. It costs the state $ 14 billion a twelvemonth. Popular community based plans have the possible to underpin effectual national schemes for fleshiness intervention and bar.


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