Children and Violence

4 April 2015
Examination of the effects exposure to domestic violence has on children.

This paper presents a detailed examination of the prevalence and adverse effects of child exposure to domestic violence. The author looks at the potential risks that expose children to domestic violence such as poverty and single parents. In addition, the author looks at the various effects of domestic violence on children’s lives, such as the development of certain phobias. The above is done with the aid of four articles concerning the adverse effects of physical and verbal abuse on children and subsequent developmental problems.
Each year, approximately 3 million children are victims of domestic violence (Osofsky, 1999). Black, Heyman, & Smith Slep (2000) identified potential risks, such as poverty and single parent households, for child physical abuse and parent to child verbal aggression. Verbal and physical aggression were also found to cause the development of specific phobias in children (Magee, 1999). Fantuzzo and Mohr (1999) looked at the prevalence of domestic violence and the adverse effects it produces on children, and Osofsy (1999) examined the effects of violence on children and their development. Each article approaches the issue of domestic violence and children from a different perspective, but they all identify negative effects on the children. More research needs to be done to determine effective ways to prevent domestic violence from happening in the first place, because once a child has witnessed or been a victim of domestic violence, the damage is already done. In collecting and studying all of these articles, it was apparent that there is a direct correlation between domestic violence and negative repercussions on children. By gathering this evidence, it became evident that there needs to be a much greater emphasis on prevention of verbal and physical aggression in the home and that more research must be done in this area in order to establish any effective prevention methods.

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