Children’s Advil Media Plan

4 April 2015
This paper is a study of the pain medication market in the United States, and pays special attention to the launching and success of Children’s Advil.

This paper is an overview and analysis of the launching of Children’s Advil to the general public in the United States. It includes a situation analysis covering company, product, price, place promotion, current environment. It goes into extensive detail about the pain relief market in general, and includes extensive statistics about both the adult and children’s markets. It includes a media campaign, and details all of the media options available, with their rankings in order to insure the greatest possible success in the launching of this new product.
From the paper:

`Although the analgesics market is very competitive, the positive market trends, as well as the fact that manufacturers with well-established brands are spending a great deal to educate consumers and pharmacists about the benefits of their products, foretell a painless future for retailers and shoppers alike. In liquids, three of the top five brands are aimed at the children’s market. It was these brands that contributed the bulk of the growth in the segment, such as Children’s Motrin and Children’s Advil, which grew business in drug 8.4 percent and 16.3 percent, respectively. In addition, Pediacare Fever increased sales by roughly 104 percent in the drug channel.`

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