Children’s Toothpaste

2 February 2017

In today’s day and age eMarketing would be one beneficial way to promote our new Crest Organic Children’s toothpaste.

In June of 2010, there was 266,244,500 internet users registered in the United States. The internet has a few choices we can use to have potential customers directed to our product. The main form of internet advertising is Pay Per Click, PPC. PPC is a way of buying traffic to our site when a potential customer clicks on ads that is created for us. The ads are created using a PPC provider, the top three are Yahoo!Search Marketing, Google Ad Words, and Microsoft ad Center All three companies provide us with a simple platform that allows our marketing team to create our own advertisements and monitor the performance. Some of the monitoring tools are in depth reporting, and the ability to geographic targeting. Geotargeting will allow us to be specific on our target market.

Children’s Toothpaste Essay Example

Facebook will allow us to create an advertisement module on the new Crest Organic Children’s toothpaste. The module is located on our Facebook company page, side bar, click on Promote with an Ad, and begin the process.We first will design our ad by indicating where to direct the traffic to, which will be our site www. Crest. com. Our announcement is to introduce our new All Natural Crest Children’s toothpaste, available in two different flavors grape and berry and our two themes Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 and Tangled. The next step will focus on targeting market.

We will advertise in the United States, seeking all men and women over the age of 18, all relationship status and education levels. With these certain setting it will allow us to reach out to 140,873,640 potential customers on just Facebook alone.We also will have the ability to adjust our bid price, which is the cost per click price of $. 30 of which we will pay Facebook for every time someone clicks on the advertisement and is directed to our website. eMarketing is a new and modern approach on advertising. The internet is very easily accessible from either a laptop or now cell phones, which allowing you to access the World Wide Web at any given time. Times are changing and we want to make sure we are able to keep up with the modern world and our competitors.

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