There are two places that have had a profound impact in my life . one of them is china ,and the other is America. China is my hometown . I have been lived there for almost 21 years .then 3 years ago ,I moved to America. I just like a baby in America. I don’t know nothing about America. I need to adapt for the new world .when you compare them ,they seem like dramatically different places, but they have some things in common . in fact ,both of them give me an unforgettable memory with different education ,different government ,but the environment sometimes they seems like the same. I love them both. Every country has different education . in china ,the focus of education is grade, they don’t have quiz and exam but the final exam.

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Final exam is the only chance of your grade for that semester. teacher will publish the grade from high to low ,I really hate this part . but in America ,the school hopes the students development in an all-around way. Final is not the only way you get the grade. also your grade is yours ,no one will care about it. In the other hand , the school will separate the students to several class, different teachers will come to the different classroom to teach the students in china. in contrast, in America it is opposite, students went to different classrooms to take different class . Not only the education is different , but also the government is different too .the america put democratic vote into practice, but in china , the democratic election is still a long way to go.

Also in china the hospital is an expensive place that few people can pay the fee. If you don’t have health care you need to pay yourself. The government will pay nothing for you .in contrast in America is different ,you can go hospital first ,then they will mail the checking form for you ,if you cant pay it ,the government will pay for you . Above all this

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,there are a reason why the america seems like my hometown . both city are striking and distinctive. For example, both cities have park where people like to go and walk. Although the park is smaller in china ,its full of flowers and colonial architecture mean it is just as beautiful as America .a lot of people play basketball and dance after dinner in the park .also a lot of people play with their pets .all of them have fun in the park. Furthermore ,when I walk around America ,I seems like in my hometown.

In conclusion ,these are the two cities I love, and both of them are my home .they are all filled with interesting thing . both of them give me an unforgettable memory. They seem like two different places ,but they also have some things in common. They are different with government and education .but the environment some times like the same. And I love them both.

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