China’s Accession into the World Trade Organization

4 April 2015
A paper which discusses various aspects of U.S.-China trade relations.

The entry of China into the world economy fuels a clash of ideals between those who see it as an opportunity for greater markets and those who stick closely to Maoist ideals and fear the threat to security that this new deal brings. Although it may seem like an opportunity to grow capital markets on a global basis, there are many cultural barriers in the way. This paper examines three aspects of US-China trade relations: China’s access to foreign capital, China’s access to technology and China’s access to NAFTA goods.
`Another aspect of trade between the US and China is that in 1999 the US already had a massive trade deficit with China. The US imported far more goods from China than it exported. The entrance of China into the WTO gives them even more access to goods in the United States, however, due to NAFTA this will include Mexican and Canadian goods as well. Some in the United States fear that this will only serve to widen the trade deficit that already exists.`

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