Chinese Importing

2 February 2019

Importing products from China to America represents us Americans leaning on China’s shoulders, not knowing when they’ll let us fall to the ground; and requiring us to stand up straight will take a long time, during which of that time China will still push us down.

There used to be many jobs for manufacturing in the US. But in January, 20??, 207,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs vanished in the largest one-month drop since October 1982. Today about 60 percent of everything we buy is made overseas. The fact is product quality never tends to go up in certain industries in China. From 1885-2010, we’ve imported from about $4000-$365,000 of manufactured items, which means in twenty-five years, the money we use to buy manufactured items has increased $361,000. We have also lost about 149,000 manufacturing jobs in America from 2008-2009.

Chinese products are usually badly made. Buying Chinese food products is bad because every type of food is fattening, irritating and/or artificial.

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Toys made from China contain lead and/or break easily. Sometimes you can easily tell that a product is made in China due to its looks of quality.

Another reason not to buy Chinese products is that some of the people who work in Chinese factories are children. We Americans respect child labor laws, unlike China. The legal working age in China may be 16, but that does not stop major companies from taking children away from their families to work in a factory. Some supply global companies, like Wal-Mart Stores, have been accused in recent years of using child labor. China breaks child labor laws because of labor shortages. Some even force children to work 300 hours a month, which is equivalent to twelve and a half days (or about two weeks per month.

The worst outcome from importing products from China is that it gets them one step closer to the world power; and understanding how the Chinese king/government treats the Chinese themselves, we should be worrying about our future. It will probally take China about sixteen years (from now) to become world power (although fifty-four percent of people think that China wont win out).

But how did this all start? Well it all winds down when some American company, we’ll go with a hairpin factory, were doing there regular thing. Manufacturing, selling, dealing with taxes and there competition, when one day, some idiot came up to get more people to buy their hairpins, to sell them cheaper. And would they do that you might ask? By buying China’s hairpins because they were cheaper. So they ask China to make their hairpins. That hairpin company then fired the factory workers, close the factory and sold the China made products. Then, all those other companies across America did the same thing the hairpin factory did. starting with pens, to trashcans, to keyboards to thermometers, to windows, to rugs, to doors, to sinks, to cars, until you couldn’t go to your store without finding the label “Made in China”.

What can you do? Well, you can make your own U.S. made company (if you have a good invention idea). When you manufacture your U.S. made product, make sure all your parts are also made in America. Let’s use a America made SUV, make sure that the navigation system is made in the U.S., the A.C., the leather, the engine, the brakes, the T.Vs, the carpet, the safety features,etc. This can be the first step towards America remaining the World power.

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