Convicted Felons, known Prostitutes, and “lunatics” were barred by Congress (Foner 659-660) from entering the country for a period of time at the end of the Nineteenth century and even entering into the Twentieth century. In 1904, the court cited Fong Yue Ting in its decision to uphold a law barring such people from entering. Foner 659) The Chinese- American writer Saum Song Bo wondered whether “America would truly achieve ‘liberty and greatness’ and would in the future depend on Whether this statute against the Chinese or the statue of Liberty will be the more lasting monument” (Foner 657). Quite discerning in a time when Republican leader James G Blaine declared the Chinese to be “odious, abominable, dangerous [and] revolting. ” As we all know, the restriction preventing Chinese Americans from obtaining itizenship and the barring of Chinese Women from immigrating with their husbands or fathers was eventually lifted.

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The more astute statement in regards to future regarding the Chinese, asking “Who shall say it will not be exercised tomorrow against other classes and other people? ” (Foner 659) Justice Brewer was not too far ahead in realizing the slippery slope which the American populous had started down in an attempt to keep their newly acquired, newly reunited country clean, pure and whole. Citation: Foner, Eric. “Give Me Liberty! An American History: V II”. W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 2008.

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