Chinese Medicine

4 April 2015
Assesses Chinese medical philosophy & practices, herbs, acupuncture, compared to Western medicine.

In recent years, perhaps as a result of shifting demographic patterns, traditional Chinese medical practices–principally acupuncture but also herbal treatments for ailments–have grown substantially in popularity. This paper explores the phenomenon. Specifically, this paper will briefly explore the history of acupuncture (perhaps the most commonly known traditional Chinese medical practice of all), some common variants of acupuncture, the kind of people who turn to these treatments, why the practice of acupuncture and the use of herbal remedies is viewed with mistrust by the mainstream medical community, and–not least of all–the relationship of ancient Chinese medicine to the rest of the United States healthcare community. In the end, what should emerge is a clearer understanding of the mainstream medical community’s position as well as a clearer understanding of where traditional Chinese medicine fits into the healthcare industry.
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