Christianity and Judaism Essay Sample

1. In what ways is the Holy Land an of import site for all three monotheistic religions? For Christians is the metropolis were Jesus was crucified & A ; where He besides rose from the decease. For Muslims is the topographic point where Mohammad ascended to the celestial spheres to run into God. For Jews. King David had named it and it was where Solomon had built the temple & A ; besides the Wailing Wall is in this metropolis.

2. The three major monotheistic faiths are sometimes described as subdivisions of the same household tree. If this is true. how would you depict the bole of the tree? The “trunk” would be Judaism. That was the original faith of the God of Abraham. Christianity branched off from it about two thousand old ages subsequently. and Islam branched off from those about seven hundred old ages after that.

3. How are the three major sanctum books of the monotheistic religions both similar and different? Judaism. Islam. Christianity. All three faiths are purely monotheistic. While Christianity believes in the Holy Triune. in which God is the Father. the Son and the Holy Spirit. the three Abrahamic religions believe that God has provided worlds with the basic guidelines for life. But Judaism denies that Jesus was a prophesier. while Christianity and Islam acknowledge Jesus as a prophesier.

4. How are the basic beliefs of Judaism. Christianity. and Islam likewise? They believe non merely in one God. but in the SAME God. They believe that there is merely one God and that this God is the beginning and beginning of all that exists. Besides they all believe in Abraham and in the concluding judgement and Resurrection.

5. What types of internal differences and divisions exist within each faith? the easiest manner to interrupt up Christianity is into these five classs: Orthodox. Catholic. Protestant. Eastern. and Mormon. Each of these groups believes the other groups are neglecting in their effort to make proper redemption through the Christ and as such have their ain methods of achieving this end. Islam the chief differentiation between them is who has the right to power over the community. Hebraism has merely two major religious orders. The chief division between these religious orders is the ability to utilize non-Judaic beginning content to abrogate and overhaul Judaic instruction and pattern.

6. What features and beliefs of the three faiths make them different? Judaism- They believe that Jesus was a prophesier instead than the boy of God. They besides believe that the boy of God is yet to come. Christianity- They believes that Jesus was the boy of God and will one twenty-four hours come once more to salvage us. Islam- Have a holy book called the Qur’an. and they have a batch of the same basic beliefs as Christianity and Judaism. There are five pillars in this faith.

7. What are the holy books for each faith? What do each mean? For Judaism. Torah- originally. the written record of the disclosures as given to Moses on Mount Sinai. For Christianity. Bible -the sanctum book that combines the Old Testament ( or the Hebrew Bible ) with the history and instructions of Jesus as recorded by his adherents in the 27 books of the New Testament. including the Gospels of Matthew. Mark. Luke. and John. For Islam. Qur’an -the sacred text of Islam that is considered to be the actual word of God. or Allah. as revealed to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel.

8. What are the symbols for each faith? For Judaism the Star of David. besides known as the Shield of David. has stood for Hebraism from every bit early as the eleventh century. The star has 12 sides for the 12 folks of Israel. Judaic folds are led by rabbis. For Christianity the cross became a sacred symbol when Jesus was crucified. It’s a symbol of his forfeit and the Resurrection. Christian folds are led by priests. curate. or curates. For Islam The star and crescent has roots that reach back to pre-Islamic times. but today it is a symbol of Islam. Muslim folds are led by imaums.

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