Christianity Test

6 June 2016

An 19th century philosopher and scientist, ___, that studied how animals and plants seemed change in a chance and progressive form through natural selection. His theory was called evolution. AnswerThomas Robert MalthusCharles DarwinCarolus LinnaeusGregor MendelAccording to Genesis, the Garden of Eden was located between two rivers where you find Iraq today. One of the rivers was ___. AnswerTigrisJordanNileMediterraneanAn example of a religion-like popular philosophy would be ___.

In this way of thinking, the temples are the malls, money becomes the god and the “saintly followers or most successful have lots of things. AnswerConsumerismSpiritualityNarcissismHedonismA story of the origins of the universe that says humans are a special

creation because they are something like their maker is based on the ___? AnswerEvolutionary theoryGenesis storyTaino creation storyIndonesian creation storyAn investigation in the Black Sea north of Turkey, made by a scientist who published his investigations in National Geographic Magazine, seems to indicate ___. AnswerThe Genesis flood story is a cute story for children, but there is no scientific evidence for itThere may have been a massive flood that covered much of the Middle East around that seaAll of Darwin’s original theories were correctThere were dinosaurs and mammoth in prehistoric timesTrujillo was a political leader that practiced Social Darwinism or formation of a superior race through the elimination of ___ in his country. AnswerAmericansPuerto RicansHaitiansJamaicansKarl Marx wrote that religion is “the ___ of the people” or in other words
like a crutch for the weak. AnswerPopular answerRevolutionOpiumWisdomGuacar was twin who was later called ___ and was a god who was responsible for earthquakes, storms and even bringing the Spanish to Puerto Rico. AnswerYucajúAtabeiJuracánMoboyaThe book of Ecclesiastes seems to give at least one answer why spiritual practices can be measured in the brain and have been practiced by almost all people throughout history. That answer is ___.

Christianity Test Essay Example

AnswerHuman need for order in the worldThe desire of those in power to control their peopleGod has placed eternity in our heartsPsychological and emotional stimulus that satisfiesThe Aztecs believed that the gods must be pleased by offering a heart, often taken from persons from ___. Answer

Spanish conquerorsFierce animalsNeighboring tribesYoung virgins

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