Christina Aguilera

1 January 2020

You’ve probably already heard of her -she’s the newest and biggest pop sensation (next to RickyMartin) and the only place she’s headed is straight to thetop. This soon-to-be-diva already has a number one single anda number one album. She’s not just another Britney Spears; hersilky vocals have been compared to Whitney Houston and MariahCarey. If you don’t have a clue who I’m talking about, it’sChristina Aguilera. If you love great music, thenyou’ll love Christina. She’s been performing practically sincethe day she was born. At the age of eight she appeared on”Star Search,” and went on to sing, act and dance ontelevision and in radio shows. She sang at PittsburghSteelers, Penguins and Pirates games; you might even recognizeChristina’s face from Disney’s “All New Mickey MouseClub.” Yeah, that was her at age 12, co-starring withBritney Spears, Keri Russell of “Feli-city” and J.C.and Justin of *NSYNC. The former Mouseketeer was askedby Disney to free her powerful voice on the track”Reflection” from the animated film”Mulan.” It turned into a top-15 hit single,grabbing Christina a nomination for a Golden Globe for bestoriginal song from a movie. She’s already put out her debutalbum, “Christina Aguilera.” The first single,”Genie In a Bottle,” tore up the charts in a matterof weeks, knocking down the competition and making her a nice,cozy spot up at number one. Sure, the pop singer cansing sparkling dance songs, but there are 12 fabulous songs onher album with completely different styles. The 18-year-oldcan belt out gospel/soul ballads; for example, “SoEmotional,” the guitar-driven song “What a GirlWants” and soft, inspiring songs like “I Turn toYou.” Not to mention she can hit a high E. Ouch! Onething you’ll definitely find true about her is that she’s notanother one-hit wonder. She completely stands out fromeveryone else. Christina’s on top of the world with hernewfound fame; whether you like her or not, there’s one thingyou have to admit – she’s got a lot of talent.

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