Christina Noble Children’s Foundation Is an International partnership of people dedicated to serving underprivileged children in Vietnam and Mongolia with the hope of helping each child maximize their life potential. The death of her mother, when Christina was 10, brought about the separation of the children, as they were all sent to dfferent orphanages. chrlstina spent four desperate years in the west of Ireland in an Institute being led to believe that her brothers and sisters were dead.

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Her escape brought her to Phoenix Park In Dublin where she slept in a hole in the ground that she herself dug. At the age of 18 Christina ran away to England to be with her brother. This Is where she met and married her husband and had three children, Helenita, Nicolas and Androula. It was during this particularly low ebb in her lite around 1971 that she had a dream about Vietnam. This was a dream which she would one day triumphantly fulfil, albeit 20 years later. In 1989, with the goal to assist children in need, Christina arrived in Vietnam.

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