Christmas • Michael Buble

8 August 2019

The seventh album from Michael Buble is an incredible work of art. “Christmas,” released in 2011, contains traditional Christmas songs and has been a hit during the holidays ever since. This 15-track CD is full of everything you love about the holidays, and it might just make you burst into song along with Buble, whose velvety smooth voice brings these Christmas classics to a new level.

The first track (and my favorite) is “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.” I love listening to this song while sitting around the Christmas tree with my family. Buble’s version really puts the listener in the Christmas spirit with the opening lyrics.

Christmas • Michael Buble Essay Example

This album is the perfect mixture of jazzy-upbeat tunes with just a hint of the slow, melancholy feelings that can come with celebrating the holidays away from family. It’s chock-full of beloved Christmas classics, but with that special Buble twist that he adds to any album he is part of.

Michael Buble broke onto the music scene in 2005 with the release of “It’s Time.” This album gained worldwide recognition as well as a widespread network of fans. In 2007, Buble released his wildly popular record “Call Me Irresponsible,” which reached number one on the Canadian Album Charts. Buble’s jazzy and upbeat style has earned him four Grammys and guaranteed the success of all nine of his albums.

Of all the holiday music circulating at Christmas time, I suggest Michael Buble’s “Christmas” because it is a splendid album that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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