Christmas by Michael Buble

6 June 2019

“I didn’t set out to make a good Christmas record, I set out to make the best Christmas record,” said Mr. Buble in a video on his YouTube channel and I have to agree, he has made the best Christmas album ever. The CD opens by leading you into the album by immediately tapping into your soul and pushing you into the warm cozy feeling of Christmas. The CD can only get better from this point…and it does. With classics from Blue Christmas to Jingle Bells to Buble’s own original, Cold December Night the entire album is extraordinary. One of Buble’s best.
White Christmas was inspired from the movie Home Alone and includes guest singer, Shania Twain, who, honestly, sounds better than I remember her to be. Jingle Bells, with the Puppini Sisters, has one of the most adorable intros I’ve ever heard a song to have with a great twist on the old classic.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You is a beautiful ballad that shows want and desire for that certain someone on Christmas day. From songs that make you want to cry to songs that make you want to get up and dance around the room while drinking hot apple cider the record leads you straight into the Christmas season with no problem at all. The album is wrapped together so beautifully, even the most cynical Christmas haters out there will fall in love with it.

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