Christmas in Australia

Christmas In Australia What do you think of when you think about Christmas? Snow, cold weather, ice, cool breezes? Not in Australia! During the month of December, it’s summer. Due to Australia being on the southern hemisphere, in December, the earth tilts to the side of which it faces the sun. That means that for Australians, Christmas is hot, sunny, and filled with amazing summer breezes. Jackets won’t be needed anymore, in that hot climate, majority of the people are wearing light clothing, including shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

Australia is its own continent, even though it is filled with other ethnicities around the world, English is the official language. The capital of Australia is Canberra, which is located somewhat near the coast. In Australia, about seventy percent of the population are Christians. Summer is from December through February, unlike the United States. When it comes to Christmas, Australians know how to celebrate. There are many forms of entertainment during this time of year. Popular activities and celebrations include picnics, going to parades, playing cricket, going for a swim, or attending “Carols by Candlelight”.

Melbourne is a city in Australia, located in the south-eastern part of the mainland , within the state of Victoria. Melbourne is also the city in which “Carols by Candlelight” takes place. This event takes place on Christmas Eve night, where thousands of people spread blankets on the ground, and sing Christmas carols together. Christmas in Australia has many similarities to the United States. Santa Claus is known as Santa, or Father Christmas. Christams takes place on the twenty-fifth of December, and lasts for only one day. Both countries put up decorations, such as Christmas Trees, figurines for outdoors, candles, etc.

Gifts are exchanged, Santa arrives, and the birth of Jesus is celebrated. Some differences would be on how Santa is pictured. Most children picture Santa Claus in heavy clothing and big boots riding inside of a sleigh. In Australia, he’s pictured in a swimsuit on a surfboard, surfing the waves under the hot summer sun. On Christmas Eve, the children put pillowcases on their bed, waiting for Santa to leave small gifts inside of them, and big gifts under the tree. Unlike the United states, where instead of pillowcases, stockings are used by the fireplace.

Instead of leaving milk and cookies, Australians leave Santa sherry and mince pies for him when he arrives. The next morning, the presents are unwrapped, and Christmas Day begins. In Australia, the daily diet consists of meat, but there is a substantial number of vegans and vegetarians, so vegetables are also included. On Christmas, the foods eaten would most likely be seafood, cold ham, turkey, and salad. Popular drinks consumed include coffee, champagne (instead of eggnog), and other alcoholic beverages such as wine. On Christmas Day, after unwrapping the gifts, families usually head for the beach.

Picnics are usually held, especially barbeques. After the day is done, people wake up bright and early to hit the stores on Boxing Day, the twenty-sixth of December, when most stores have sales on items for customers to purchase after the Christmas holiday. Although Australians participate in all these fun activities, they still know the true reason for the holiday. They conisder it a time for remembering Jesus Christ. Together, families celebrate the importance of the birth of Jesus, and the spiritual meaning of Christmas by joyfully opening their hearts to God along with opening gifts given and recieved.

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