Christmas Party

“What do you mean no Christmas party?” I just learned that my class was going to be making Christmas decorations for the local nursing home. After our initial grumbling, we accepted that this was going to be our school’s party.

The whole school participated in making Christmas decoration. At my table, I was in charge of making snowflakes. I showed the kids at my table how to fold and cut the paper to make a snowflake. At other tables, they were making angels and snowmen, so there was a variety of decoration, we could hang up.

It was finally time to go the nursing home. Our class was divided in groups to go around and introduce ourselves to the residents. We hung up our decorations, and played games. I even painted an elderly lady’s finger nails. I was surprised the residents enjoyed our company; some of them had never gotten visitors before. As the day went on, I looked around and noticed that every face had a smile on it, which made me overjoyed.
It was time to go and I was glad I went. A couple of weeks after our trip, our class received a letter from the nursing home, saying how grateful they we to have us, and we are welcomed back. Every year after that, one class would pick a special holiday and make decorations and visit the residents; it was great to know that we were the first class to start this.
I know that the process was the important part. I realized I’m not here for a party but to work hard at the process of becoming something more. I am quite comfortable in a leadership role and working with others. This experience showed me that I need to start out positive and that way I can enjoy what is to come.

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