Christophe Mae On Trace La Route

6 June 2019

You don’t need to understand what French singer/songwriter Christophe Mae is saying to fall in love with his songs. And if you’re into international music, Mae is a must. His music is similar to that of Jason Mraz. He is, in my opinion, just as capable at writing catchy, feel-good pop songs, and both have beautiful falsettos. But both artists can’t simply be thrown into the “pop” category; it’s a dangerous black hole for artists.

Mae has the same sweetness and authenticity that Mraz is praised for. Every song is heartfelt, from “Dingue, Dingue, Dingue” (Crazy, Crazy, Crazy), a playful love song that has the power to get stuck in the heads of French-speakers and xenophobes alike, to ballads like “La Rumeur” and “J’Ai Laisse.”

His lyrics illustrate his appreciation for everything beautiful and he sings with soul. Mae credits Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman, Jack Johnson, Francis Cabrel, Gerald De Palmas, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Marley as his inspirations, and his work does feature the optimism of Marley’s music.

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Mae has already won over France. If you crave good pop songs but are tired of the overused lyrics and melodies, do yourself a favor and give Christophe Mae a try.

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