Christopher Columbus Truth Revealed

After countless attempts to get support, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand funded the voyage. Columbus’ treacherous journey showed “courage and perseverance” (Document 1). He put the entire crew and his own life on risk just to seek the unfamiliar lands. Christopher Columbus was visualized as a “solitary individual, who challenged the unknown sea” (Document 4). He also played a key role in nationalism. According to Document 3, a group of Italians in New York wanted to honor Columbus with a celebration. Americans are proud to be able to honor such an inspiring man.

Christopher Columbus was an audacious man who fully deserves a holiday devoted to his discovery of the Americas. Columbus Day is focused on celebrating the explorations of the so-called American hero, Christopher Columbus; however, he is hardly a hero. When Columbus landed on the new land, he went searching for gold and wealth to bring back to Spain. Columbus did not find gold, instead he found Indians. The Native Americans “have been on this continent at least 10,000 years” (Document 2), so Columbus is taking undeserving ownership of discovering the Americas.

Even though Columbus knew the natives had already inhabited the land he “claimed the island for Spain” (McDougal Littell:World History p553). Christopher Columbus didn’t even care that by claiming the land for Spain he was going to permanently disrupt a civilization. Columbus was so hungry for fame and fortune that he _________ Christopher Columbus also took part in slavery of the Native Americans. This slavery was brutal to the natives; starvation, murder, and torture all were what the Indians had to undergo.

According to Document 8, the Spanish settlers released vicious dogs to prey on the natives. This severe inhumanity brought on by Columbus proves him to be undeserving of this holiday. The encomienda system started as a result of Columbus’s travels. Indians were forced into slavery to be used as cheap labor. The poor living conditions of the slaves decreased the population “so that from 1494 to 1508, over three million people had perished” (Document 6). Slavery in the Americas eventually turned into triangle trade, a system that exchanged goods for slaves.

Along those trade routes the Middle Passage was set up. Slave traders would haul numerous slaves in the space beneath the decks for days with horrible living conditions. Not to mention, Christopher Columbus started slavery in the Americas. Slavery until _________________ but should we be honoring him every year Every year on October 14, we celebrate Christopher Columbus for discovering the Americas. We learned as children that Columbus is a hero for his brave travels around the vast and unknown seas, but he was malicious, and caused chaos in the Americas.

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