Chronic Kidney Disease

7 July 2016

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a progressive loss in renal function over a period of months or years. The cause or reason of CKD is that over the time you age, you get high blood pressure, diabetes, or a kidney problem you were born with. The symptoms of this disease are unnoticeable until later stages. Normally if you had chronic kidney disease you might feel generally unwell and experiencing a reduced appetite.

There are several types of tests done for CKD. There is a test to take precautions; to check if you even have the disease. That test is either the urine tests, or the blood test that is named eGFR, which means estimated glomerular filtration rate. Another test that is done, it’s when you have CKD, which is an ultrasound of the kidney or also known as a renal ultrasound. It helps estimate how long you may have had chronic kidney disease; it also checks whether urine flow from the kidneys is blocked, and also may help find causes of kidney disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease Essay Example

The treatments for chronic kidney disease are varied. Whether you should start dialysis right away or have a kidney transplant. Usually chronic kidney diseases patients do not start dialysis until stage five. There are five stages of the disease. Stage one is renal insufficiency, stage two is mild reduction in GFR, stage three is moderate reduction in GFR, stage four is severe reduction in GFR, and stage five is kidney failure. During stage one to two the doctor does not recommend anything until stage three to four. Around stage three and four the doctor will recommend you to a nephrologist and in some hospitals there is a program called Thrive, for patients who are around that stage. After if you reach stage five then you are needed to have a kidney transplant or straight to dialysis. Once in a blue moon a patient can regain their kidney function within six months on dialysis.

I was very interested in this disease. I think there is a lot of researching for this disease. I would love to know more about this disease. The CKD is something that everyone should be precautious about. I learned that if you suffer from high blood pressure or family history diabetes, you can get CKD. Thanks for my research on this that I have ways to take care of myself and prevent having CKD.

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