Ciara Favorite Artist Music Essay

3 March 2018

It’s a song that Deejays would play in clubs and at arties; because people can actually feel the beat Of this song and turn it into one of their own. The artist of the song (Circa) is a very well known artist. Circa is one of the “sexiest” female hip-hop ; R;B artist that are alive and in action today. She has been making music, singing music, and even choreographing music with her artistic styles ever since 2002.

Circa is a great artist and think that all her fans would agree with me on that.The song titled, “Game Data” is about Circa coming back into show biz. Circa has been away for a while creating her new album, and when she got herself back into the spotlight, she started with this song to let people know that she’s back and ready to do anything. My favorite part of the song is when Circa says: “l been gone for too long, but its time to bring it back; game data bass”! When Circa uses these words together and then begins to dance right along with it it brings so much power to her video, song and performance.That’s hat I really like about music; the performance, the power of the song, the meaning, the routines to the song, etc. This is my favorite song because Circa really puts joy and a shining light into my heart. She makes me feel like can come right out and do what I want to do, make whatever I want to make and just give my fans the performance they need.

Feel inspired when I listen to this song; because love dancing, I love singing, love goofing around and giving my audience/listeners something they would want to hear.The song says: yeah, yeah, you like it when I move it to the beat like data, got that bong up in your trunk, drop them speakers and turn it up, game data bass”! This song just keeps me in my hype mode; it keeps me going every day. Every single moment I listen to it I’m either always dancing to it, singing to it or fantasying about how great it would be to have been in that video or created my own, that’s similar to it; but of course would try to have the best song ever; and even though Circa is great I think I can beat her to that one . Mrs.!

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