Cigar Bar

4 April 2015
Analyzes establishment of fictitious cigar bar. Products, location, promotion, price, competition, financing and risks.

Cigar bars have begun appearing in unusual venues in recent years; in addition to upscale restaurants and clubs, cigar bars have been found in department stores, hotels, and as standalone businesses. In some cases, the cigar bars are simply added to an existing establishment’s operations; in other cases, the cigar bars serve as the focal point of the operation. This comes at a time when cigarette smoking is becoming increasingly unpopular and when efforts are being made to ban smoking in many bars and restaurants. Positioned as relaxation for the wealthy, cigars do not have the stigma attached to them that cigarettes do, and cigar bar owners are eager to capture a market, including plenty of women, which has seen strong growth in the 1990s. Given that the cigar bar is currently in the growth stage of the lifecycle, there would seem to be ..

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