CIPP Diploma in Payroll Management-Work Based

6 June 2017

It was concluded that the flexible enefits choices project will benefit from the collaboration between the researcher, the company and the supervisor. The nature of the researcher’s role within the Company will ensure that access to, and the collection of information is within the capacity of the researcher. Aims The aim of this project is to evaluate the existing choices within the workplace and from the findings of the evaluation will conclude whether to keep existing choices or Introduce new choices to the companys flexible benefit scheme. bjectives The objective of this project is to review the existing benefit choices In time for the ext enrolment process for Flexible Benefit and to determine whether the choices are still meeting the personal needs of the employees. A questionnaire will be sent to all employees and based on the answers a focus group will be set up. The questionnaire and focus group feedback wlll provide the data necessary to amend or keep the choices available. The project and the eventual recommendations will be feasible and do have a chance of being implemented.

The issue of choices within the flexible benefit scheme is an organisational issue and are reviewed annually in readiness for pen enrolment process. However, the review has not been on the same in-depth scale that this project is proposing. The researcher In collaboration with the HR Manager will have the necessary resources to complete the project. Questionnaires will be devised and given to the employees. Email addresses are available to the researcher and the research Itself is a task that needs to be implemented.

CIPP Diploma in Payroll Management-Work Based Essay Example

The researcher’s current position in the Company will help with the confidential aspect of a research as well as galnlng the trust of the participants Involved. The Gantt chart hows the ideal planning schedule. The renewal process for making flexible benefit choices occur in December, for the January admissions. The researcher proposes that the questionnaires and Focus group are held after the current enrolment process. The researcher also proposes that the write up and analysis occur Immediately after.

This will enable the researcher to address any Issues that arises. Content The Company a financial organisation and is a moderately sized company consisting of two hundred and thirty staff on the payroll. The Company can be separated into wo groups 0T employees; DroKers ana non DroKers (aamlnlstratlon/l I ) I ne company HR and payroll is administered by a team of three consisting of the Payroll Administrator, HR Manager and the HR Administrator. Rationale The research for this project will investigate employees’ views on the existing flexible benefit choices.

When the scheme was in the initial research stage, the feedbacks from the focus groups were positive and indicated that the most appreciated benefits within flex were; Holiday buy/sell Dental insurance Pension enhancement Medical insurance After two years into the scheme, the most popular flex choice is the Private medical insurance, with only 20% of employees opting for this. This research will try to investigate whether the current flex choices are meeting the personal needs of the employees. Can new choices maximise Income Tax and National Insurance efficiency for both the Company and individual employees?

Last year, the change of benefit choices was put forward to the employees via an email questionnaire. However, the responses were very low and so no changes were made. This project ill provide an opportunity for an in-depth questioning of the employees with results that may determine the choices for the next renewal process. Reading The secondary research will include books and articles that are relevant to the project issue. The following Journals have shown key information in regards to flexible benefits; Bradford, S. , 2010. Flexible Benefits.

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