City of Dreams

7 July 2016

I feel the moment coming, the feeling of a cool breeze just like the same feeling I get when I chew a minty fresh gum. My heart senses each breeze of wind as it strikes my face and soon my heart is addicted to this feeling of coolness. The trees look alive as if they are dancing and the sun is shining bright, but not to the point where it’s burning hot. As I walk down the city streets, the sight of sky towers and magnificent buildings appear before my sight. The people that are in the city are singing and dancing to express their love for the city too.

When I see these lively people it makes me want to celebrate and share each other’s culture just like they do. After walking another mile, I arrived at Chinatown, which is the place that feels like home to me. The sight of seeing the majority being Asians brings passion to my heart. My walk continues until I stop in front of the restaurant called the Koi Palace. This is where I had real authentic Chinese food which I have not had in ten years. My friends or family always walk out of there with a stomach that is ready to explode.

City of Dreams Essay Example

Right across the restaurant is a boba place where me and my friends have a drink and start conversations. That place used to be our hangout spot, but now it’s flooded with people from different schools and even different cultures. The next stop was downtown and downtown was constantly filled with animated people. Walking through downtown hearing either jazz or the blues playing on the streets was always a place that can cheer me up. There are millions of shopping centers around, but instead of having mainstream styles there are stores that have unique and original styles.

Each time I walk past a favorite store the temptations of spending a lot of money builds up. Sooner or later I give in and buy plenty of new clothes, but my wallet was never happy because it never has money to carry. When the sun sets down and the moon rises up, that is when the city starts to shine. The scenery that it provides and the feeling happiness is always an attribute of the city. The scene of colorful lights and crowds of people makes the city pleasing and amusing. I always knew that each step I took or any place I went in this city would always be a memory to never forget.

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