Civil War Weaponry

4 April 2015
A look at the weapons used in the American Civil War, the modernization process and the use of bullets for the first time on such a major scale.

This paper examines the modernization of warfare that occurred during the American Civil War, a process that was centered on the kinds of weapons that were used, but also had to do with changing ideas about the nature of war as well. This paper focuses on an examination of the types of bullets used in the war by both sides because new techniques in the manufacturing of bullets was the core of the modernization of warfare.
“The American Civil War is often referred to as the last of the old-fashioned wars in terms of its weaponry, its military strategy and its casualty rates. Looking at these same criteria, it is also arguable ” and this seems to be the more tenable position ” that it was in fact the first modern war, and this was the case primarily because of the weapons that were used, including the types of guns and the types of bullets.”
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