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1 January 2018

The Federal Bureau of Investigations combats various types of crime throughout the United States, fraud, capital murder, white collar crimes, kidnapping, counterintelligence, cyber crime, public corruption, evil rights, organized crime, violent crime and major theft (FBI, 2013). Every day in the life of an FBI agent changes day to day depending on the current events in the United States as well as international. * The Federal Bureau of Investigations has two different career paths with many different Jobs within the two.The first type of career path is to become an FBI special agent. The word special classifies the agent as having expertise in a certain field within the bureau.

The second career path is considered a professional FBI agent, which consist of professionals combating crime wrought support of the special agents (FBI, 2013). The two career paths are identical in aspects of recruitment. In order to become a Federal Bureau of Investigations officer candidates must meet the minimum requirements.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigations maintains the same basic standards as any other law enforcement agency, which consist of “twenty-one years of age, have a valid driver license in the state the agent will be employed with, the applicant must not have any prior felony convictions, pass a written exam, medical exam, interview, physical agility test, lollygag exam, and psychological screening” (Grant & Terry, 2012 p. 261).The base standards for recruitment into the Federal Bureau of Investigations is the ability “to think fast on your feet, have strong literary and communicative skills, have tolerance and respect for people with diverse backgrounds and cultural or spiritual differences, be able to work independently as well as a part of a larger team, foreign language proficiency, have an interest in foreign policy or international affairs, have excellent critical thinking, and discretionary skills” (FBI, 2013).The Federal Bureau of Investigations has an education standard, which has to be met by all applicants, the applicant must have a minimum of a bachelors degree and some positions require a masters degree both degrees must have strong academic records.

The Federal Bureau specifically takes interest in degrees of “international business, finance, international relations, economics, computer science, physical science or nuclear, biological or chemical engineering” (FBI, 2013). The Federal Bureau of investigations police department has a very strict hiring process with standard lubrications, which entails education and vigorous training, in hopes of being selected. All applicants must first complete a written essay test, which consist of grammar, reading comprehension, and mathematic equations. If the applicant is successful at the written examination they will then proceed to the panel interview, which consist of 3 senior FBI police officers that ask random questions directly pertaining to the qualification of the applicant as well as their past history.Upon successful completion of the panel interview as well as the needs of the Federal Bureau of Investigations they will propose a conditional Job offer. If the applicant accepts the conditional Job offer they will be required to complete a very in depth background packet, and autobiography. The applicant is only allowed the actual Job upon completion of their background investigation.

The applicants will be invited to the equip system, which will allow the applicant to enter their personal information and to receive a Top Secret security clearance (FBI, 2013). The background investigation for the Federal Bureau of Investigations consist of a polygraph investigation, credit check, arrest records, interviews will all associates, past employers, neighbors, and education verification (FBI, 2013). Upon completion of the background investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigations finds the applicant suitable for employment the applicant will then precede on to the medical examination. The medical examination consists of basic physical, test vision, hearing, and examines past surgical operations records.The deciding member if an applicant is physically able to perform the functions entailed with being an FBI police officer is he FBI chief medical examiner. * Upon successful completion of the employment requirements the applicant must attend a twelve week comprehensive Uniformed Police Training Program which is located at Glycol, Georgia (FBI, 2013). The training consists of physical conditioning as well as academic stimulation of federal laws.

After the applicant has successfully completed the (PPTP) the applicant must proceed on to the FBI Advanced Training Program located in Quantico, Virginia.The applicant will only than become employed with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is a must needed law enforcement agency in the United States of America. The FBI has many different function in which protects and saves lives of U. S. Citizens as well as assists local law enforcement agencies with the apprehension of federal offenders. Employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigations is a very lengthy process, but very rewarding career in serving the United States.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations mandates they only hire employee’s that take pride in themselves and their country.

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