CKE Restaurants

4 April 2015
Examines opportunities & economic environment in China for fast-food firm operating Carl’s Jr. Licensing, competition (McDonald’s & KFC), trade agreements and marketing.

CKE Restaurants was founded by Carl Karcher in the mid1960s in Southern California. Originally a hot dog stand, the company expanded into traditional fast food, offering a combination of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and similar offerings. The company now has operations in major metropolitan areas in the western United States as well as international licensees throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Based in Anaheim, California, the company has not expanded to the East coast, but has looked west. With operations in diverse markets such as Malaysia and a small presence in China, the company has proven that it can successfully compete with much larger companies in the global market. Although it does not have the financial resources of Pepsico (owner of KFC) or McDonald’s, it has expanded into markets..

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