Claim That Edward the Confessor Gave Too Much Influence to the Normans Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Assess the claim that Edward the Confessor gave excessively much influence to the Normans. In my reply I will explicate how each point. statement and beginning etc. affects how Edwards influence upon the Normans reached or maintained a high or low point within this clip period. I will besides state how these pieces of information are for and against the Influence towards the Normans. We foremost know that Edward Was born in England but raised in Normandy therefore intending that Normandy could hold foremost acquired a gustatory sensation upon him intending that he would prefer it to England. At this clip there were many Viking foraies traveling on within England. Sweyn took the throne in 1013 but subsequently died in 1014 therefore Aethlred sent Edward dorsum to his embassadors. Aethlred died in 1016 doing Edmund Ironside ( Edwards’s half brother ) take up the battle against Cnut ( Sweyn’s boy ) He besides died go forthing Edward to travel into expatriate with his brother and sister.

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but his female parent married Cnut even after all he had done perchance doing an even bigger hatred for anything or anyone to make with England.

This is when Edward spent one-fourth of a century in expatriate within Normandy assisting charters within Normandy subscribing them as possible male monarchs of England. The man’s names were William of Jumieges. Robert I. Duke of Normandy. He besides received support in Normandy during this clip from his sister. Godgifu. who was married to Drogo of Mantes. count of Vexin. These two Jessye normans along with Edward invaded England to acquire Edward on the throne but this did non work. He besides received support from a little sum of Continental archimandrites in peculiar Robert. archimandrite of the Norman abbey of Jumieges. He would subsequently go Edwards Archbishop of Canterbury. There is small sum of Norman influence during Edwards return to England. Harthacnuts decease on the 8th of June. 1042 meant that Edward could win the throne but would necessitate aid which he received from the likes of Earl Godwin of Wessex. He besides received of popularity from the people within London even before Harthacnut was buried.

He was crowned at the cathedral of Winchester. the Royal place of West Saxons. in 1043. This evidently shows that people still believed in him in one manner or another from the English community. Another point that could be argued is that Edward married Edith. Earl Godwin’s girl. to assist him procure a permanent relation with his household. He besides gave Harold and Beorn Godwinson earldoms within England either demoing he trusted these work forces more or to farther addition dealingss with Godwin. In 1051-52 some singular and noteworthy things happened demoing Edwards true Interest in Normans and Normandy. Edward and many of his Norman advisers were biased towards local connexions. When Clergy’s and monastics elected a relation of Godwin as archbishop of Canterbury Edward rejected all ground and sense within this and alternatively elected Robert of Jumieges.

Robert had made up comments that Godwin had come into ownership of illegal archepiscopal estates. Besides during these old ages Edward had invited a Norman count over to England. Eustace of Boulogne. Godgifu’s 2nd hubby. His work forces caused a splash up within Dover taking to a bloody battle between Norman and English work forces. Edward ordered Godwin. as earl of Kent. to travel penalize the people within this town. He refused Edwards order and alternatively took the side of the English work forces. We know that he and other Englishmen saw what Edward was making with his Norman advisors. Therefore this meant that Godwin was banished from England along with his kids. Edward had seen this as an chance to acquire rid of the almighty Godwin. Archbishop Robert therefore one time once more made up false claims that Godwin was plotting to kill King Edward. It was in Edwards’s best involvements to believe his Norman archbishop over Earl Godwin to restart control of his province.

This could be argued that Edward gave excessively much influence to the Godheads and people of Normandy as they finally ended up taking control of Edwards’s rough actions. He banished Englishmen alternatively of non believing fallacious Normans. finely placed Norman advisors to assist him take control of the state of affairs and used the Earls and state of affairss to his advantage to do certain that all the power belonged to him. The lone clip he promoted and distinguished Englishmen was when he was runing for king and to assist him settle dealingss between Godwin and himself as to do certain he was non wiped out consecutive off by the powerful Godwinsons. He besides ne’er reached a existent decision as to who should go male monarch of England one time he died. Harold Godwinson believed he should be king but so did William Duke of Normandy as he had been promised by Edward whilst in Normandy. You could besides reason and set forward that in a sense that Edward was the first Norman male monarch of England.

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