Claims Ground Warrant

1 January 2017

Claim, Warrant, and Grounds Introduction Cruelty, Civility, and Other Weighty Matters by Ann Marie Paulin examines how the world views overweight people with negative stereotypes. Paulin takes a stance to create an argument on the wrong take of overweight people in America. Claims Paulin uses several passages to make claims about how society looks wrongly and unjustly on people who are overweight. “I swear, if I have to sit through one more ad proclaiming that life is not worth living if you aren’t thin, I’ll slug somebody” (Paulin, 2007).

Paulin tends to get irritated at the way society judges people who are overweight. There is definitely a bias in the media as well as pretty much wherever you look as far as overweight people are looked at. Paulin also states that “The evidence is beginning to pile up out there that being fat may not be nearly as bad for a person’s health as the crazy things people inflict upon their bodies to lose weight” (Paulin, 2007). She is simply talking about the crazy things that people eat or take that make them lose weight. Fat people are assumed to be lazy, stupid, ugly, lacking in self-esteem and pride, devoid of self-control, and stuffed full of a host of other unpleasant qualities that have nothing to do with the size of a person’s belly or thighs. ” (Paulin, 2007). By these statements, she sets the stage for the argument and the conclusion. Grounds The grounds is the basis of real persuasion and is made up of data and hard facts, plus the reasoning behind the claim. It is the truth on which the claim is based. Grounds may also include proof of expertise and the basic premises on which the rest of the argument is built.

Paulin talks not only about being overweight but also about the American lifestyle. She stated that “One of my colleagues came by today with a newspaper article on the Krispy Kreme Donut chain; evidently, Americans eat three million Krispy Kreme donuts each day. We may talk tofu, but we gobble glazed” (Paulin, 2007). She is making a strong statement about how Americans can easily adhere to the easy and tasty treats rather than the healthy stuff. Paulin does state that “Americans all need to work on eating healthier and getting some exercise. ” (Paulin, 2007).

This statement is indeed very true. Americans do need to live a healthier lifestyle, but it can be a lot easier said than done. The media twists things around to where society snubs overweight people. Warrant A warrant links data and other grounds to a claim, legitimizing the claim by showing the grounds to be relevant. “We need to get back to recognizing that a human being is a collection of qualities, good and bad, and that appearance is not the ultimate way to judge a person’s character or value to society” (Paulin, 2007). This is a very strong statement about acceptance.

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