Clara Hale Essay Research Paper Black History

7 July 2017

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Clara Hale Essay Research Paper Black History
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Clara Hale Essay, Research Paper

Black History Month is a great clip to observe out history, accomplishments, and achievements. February should non be the lone clip but it is surely a good clip to get down. Many inkinesss have done extraordinary things. I admired Clara McBride Hale. She works with crack-addicted and HIV-positive babes.

Clara McBride Hale was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. She has suffered tonss in her life-time. She became an orphan at 16, and a widow at the age of 27. She merely had her kids, and she kept them near. She? adopted? a 3rd kid, and raised him as her ain. She became dearly known as Mother Hale to all in the vicinity. She began remaining at place and lovingness for the vicinity childs bear downing merely $ 2 per hebdomad. She subsequently became a accredited Foster parent.

Hale House was started when Clara? s girl, Lorraine noticed a crack-addict female parent with a neonate. She directed her to her female parent? s house, and this babe was the first of 1000s of childre

N to harvest the love, support, devotedness, and attention from the weaponries of Mother Hale. Hale House is America? s foremost and best known kid attention bureau to derive world-wide acknowledgment when Ronald Reagan introduced Mother Hale as he gave his 1986 State of Union Address. She was called an American hero, and was appointed to the National Drug-Free America Task Force.

Many of the kids come to Hale House from prisons, constabulary Stationss and infirmaries. They get their support largely from private contributions and times do acquire really unsmooth. Hale House is still in operation today. It has become a national function theoretical account for kids without households. It is a great topographic point to maintain these kids to maintain them out of back streets, refuse tins, and many topographic points where female parents abandon their newborn kids.

Sadly, Mother Hale passed off in 1993. In her award, a lifesize statue was built for her in Harlem. Her dream and devotedness lives on in the lives of the kids she has helped raise and the many that will go on to profit from Hale House.

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