Clark Atlanta University

1 January 2019

Clark Atlanta University

After touring colleges and attending a college fairs for a whole weekend the last day was rainy and windy but we still had two colleges to visit. I was sleep but when the bus stopped, I woke up and saw a beautiful college. We were at Clark Atlanta University. We didn’t get to tour the college because of the weather, but we got off the bus and went into their auditorium to listen to an alumni tell us about the history of the school and requirements.

Clark Atlanta University Essay Example

He gave us wonderful information on how to apply and what our test scores need to be, and also how we can apply for scholarships. Clark Atlanta is a private university so the tuition is the same inner and outer state. I learned a lot by the information he gave us such as something I never knew of school a broad and if the university/college that you attend doesn’t have your major you can go to other colleges/universities to study it for no cost.

Clark Atlanta doesn’t have my major but I can go to Spelman or Morehouse to study and take my classes. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the people. Freshmen receive more freedom, at Clark Atlanta you are able to have a car, no curfew just visiting hours. It is also a coed school and it has become one of my choices for colleges/universities

While being on the campus I imagined myself going to class, hanging with friends and studying for exams. Not only do I love the people that are around to help or the atmosphere some of my favorite movies where filmed on that campus. Clark Atlanta University truly caught my eye and gave me a look at so many more opportunities that I didn’t know about. I enjoyed visiting that school it was a fantastic experience.

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