8 August 2016

As you already know, I’m running for 9th grade class representative this year. Before I start, I would like to wish good luck to my fellow candidates. First I’m going to explain what a class representative is and what you should expect of me if I was elected. A class representative basically takes the peoples’ ideas for events like Homecoming, and Spirit Week to the student leadership and stands up and pushes for your ideas to be heard on this campus. I am very dedicated to this school and want the best for you and our school.

One way, to show that I’m dedicated is that I’m very involved. Every year, I’ve gotten even more involved in our school. But I’m not one of those people that does all these things with half effort ; Everything I set my heart to do or sign up for, I’m signing up to be dedicated and give a 110%. Second, I want you to know that I’m going to take my job seriously. I will have an Open ear to everything and will not make fun of the idea, because I believe no idea is stupid and I will bring ALL the ideas to the student leadership for consideration.

I, also, will not only bring ALL your ideas to student leadership but I will come back to our class after the meetings and communicate with what the student leaderships’ response was to ALL your ideas. In the meetings, I won’t be afraid to voice your ideas and opinions to make our school better. I believe that we have the best 9th grade class and that God has gifted all of us with creativity and therefore, we should be heard. One more thing before I go is, if I got elected, I wouldn’t be the only 9th Grade Class Representative. We all would be because I’m willing to take all YOUR ideas to student leadership. Your School, Your Voice. Thank You


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