Class Room Observation Essay Research Paper Josh

8 August 2017

Class Room Observation Essay, Research Paper

Class Room Observation Essay Research Paper Josh Essay Example

Josh Van Coppenolle

EDU 301

Social Studies Methods

Mary Iandoli

Classroom Observation

Date: 9-30-96

Kindergarten instructor: Mrs. Debolt

First grade instructor: Mrs. Casteluzo

Location: Penn Yan Elementary

Carrie and I were traveling to detect a kindergarten schoolroom societal surveies category

that combined their lesson with a first class category. We were scheduled to get at 2 PM.

When I arrived at 1:50 PM, Carrie was waiting outside the school and informed me that

she had already gone in and was told that there was traveling to be a fire drill in merely a few

proceedingss. We waited for the fire drill to complete and so went into the category. The clip was

approximately 2:10 at this point, so the instructors were running a small buttocks.

When we entered the room it was empty, we had evidently beat the pupils back

from the fire drill. This gave us clip to look around. The kindergarten room was

brilliantly decorated with tonss of postings and pupil? s art work. The childs were working on

colourss because there was a strip on top of the chalkboard that had the colourss and things

we might see in that colour. The pupil? s desks were arranged in two rows, pushed

together and confronting each other. There were about 12 seats in each group, so there

were approximately 24 pupils in the category. Apparently, the category had merely been returning from a

trip to the school library when the fire bore went off, so when they came in they were

still transporting their library books. The pupils were asked to take their seats and they did

so softly. Everyone? s eyes were on Carrie and me. Mrs. Debolt asked us to present

ourselves, which we did. She told the category that we were larning to be instructors and

that we wanted to sit in on their societal surveies category. Each pupil sat at a small desk with

their name laminated on the top. The pupils had laminated cards with their names on

them tied around their cervix with a long piece of narration. I think that these were their library

cards. Mrs. Debolt asked me to roll up these, which I did. The pupils were reasonably quiet

while this was traveling on and followed waies good. Mrs. Debolt told the category that we

were traveling to hold a joint lesson with Mrs. Castiluzo? s 1st grade category. She asked

everyone to come up to the forepart of the room and sit softly on their undersides, custodies in

their laps. The two schoolrooms are connected by a door and shortly Mrs. Castiluzo, her

adjutant, and the 1st graders came in. It was a tight squeezing but everyone got a small topographic point on

the floor. You could state the childs who like their personal infinite because they were

uncomfortable in the tight infinite and tried to jiggle and dart. Mrs. Debolt introduced

Carrie and me and so started her lesson. She started with a narrative about a green bear

who lived in the wood. He would ch

ange the colour of his house as the seasons changed.

Before she read she buttocks for anterior cognition. After she finished the book she led the

group by oppugning them about houses and households and wellness. Then we talked about

healthy organic structures and how we make healthy organic structures by eating right. The instructor would

inquire a inquiry and so name on person who raised their manus. When there was a merriment

undertaking to make, the instructor would name on a pupil that was making something right, like sitting

up directly. I noticed that the same pupils were ever raising their custodies. The instructor

should hold tried to affect all of the pupils.

After the treatment of green and healthy, Mrs. Castiluza read a verse form, but the

kids had already been sitting for 15-20 proceedingss and were non interested in the long

verse form at all. Then, Mrs. Castiluza brought out a bag of fresh veggies that she grew in

her garden. This got the childs interested once more and we discussed how the leafy vegetables of the

veggies were different. Then Carrie and I got 2 assistants and cut up boodle, Piper nigrums,

and Cucumis sativuss to do a salad. We all ate salad and talked about the different textures

and crunchiness of the veggies. The lesson was evaluated as the pupils ate their

salad, the instructors informally walked around the room and radius with the kids, but

non all of them. The childs finished, threw their paper plates off and returned to their

seats. I stopped back at the library briefly on another twenty-four hours and found there to be rather a

large choice of trade books on historical events and lifes. There was a large

choice on common people narratives. I found a subdivision with dramas that are made particularly for categories

with tonss of parts. There were a batch of multicultural books on show. I think that they

looked reasonably new. There were computing machines available every bit good but I didn? T spell and expression at

the soft ware

I think that the lesson was interesting plenty, although possibly a small excessively long.

The instructors tried to utilize literature and poems to state the lesson. I think that the instructor

should hold a manner to affect all the pupils in the treatment. Besides, I think that all the

pupils should hold been involved in doing the salad. I think the thought of the salad was

good, custodies on and a wages at the terminal. The pupils were really good behaved and the

teacher handled misconducting matter-of-factly without a batch of attending drawn to the

title. I don? t think that the stuff was peculiarly ambitious, but so once more we are

covering with kindergarten. The subject of the unit was? myself and my household? . I think I

see the manner they were traveling with the green bear in his place and a healthy diet to maintain

you good. Did I mention that I want to learn 5th class? Seriously though, I think these

small 1s are endearing but everytime I spend clip in kindergarten, I realize that I will make

much better with older scholars.

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