Class Structure and Division in Lithuanian Society

6 June 2016

When we talk about the social class we often think that it is an outdated distinction existed before a few centuries, but even in the 21st century social class is important. Social class – a status hierarchy in which individuals and groups are classified on the basis of esteem and prestige acquired mainly through economic success and accumulation of wealth. These people have the same social, economic, or educational status. As well as England, Lithuania has social classes which will be presented in this essay. Some scientists say that distinction between certain classes is determined by hierarchical system which is usually based on economic status, assets and income.

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Class Structure and Division in Lithuanian Society
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Looking at the distribution of people, it can be said that, from ancient times until now, people are divided into classes. Talking about our country, the factors that determine belonging to one or another class in Lithuania are wealth, education, influence, position in society and of course income. In most cases Lithuanians belonging to a certain social class get by their education, job which they have and income. There are three main social classes in Lithuania – the upper, the middle and the lower class. Firstly, the upper class in Lithuania is the elite of society which consists of well-known people, which get high incomes.

These people are politicians, entrepreneurs and judges. They earn the most and can afford everything – expensive houses, luxury cars and other expensive things. Secondly, the middle class in Lithuania is educated people which get average salary. It consists of about third of the population of Lithuanian people. It includes professional, managerial and administrative workers such as traders, bankers, shopkeepers, factory and service industry officials, schools and university professors, scientists, doctors and liberal professions. These people participate in community activities, are civic and interested in the country‘s and world economic and political realities. Thirdly, the largest in Lithuania is the lower (working) class.

These people do not have or have very low education. Usually they are unskilled laborers, cleaners, sweepers and others. They get very low salary and have difficulties for a living. Also there is one more class in Lithuania. It is an underclass. For this class belong very poor, unemployed, homeless and unable to live without money and other help from the state people. In conclusion, as every country Lithuania has social classes. In some countries, such as in England it is clearly see and relevant, but in Lithuania social division is not as important as in England.

More than a half Lithuania’s inhabitants assign themselves to the middle class, although some of them do not have an education and earn the minimum. The most important thing for people in Lithuania is to have a job and earn for a living and not to think about the class to which they belong to.

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