Classic vs. Political Islam

4 April 2015
A paper which defines the Islamic religion and shows how its teachings are contradictory to political Islam.

The paper defines the teachings and practices of the religion Islam and gives an overview of its history. The paper shows how the classic Islamic religion which preaches restraint from violent acts, is in contradiction to radical Islamic groups who commit terrorist acts in the name of Allah.
“Take as an example Osama bin Laden’s group, the Al Qaeda. They are Muslims in belief, but they do not understand fully the concepts and beliefs that were written in Islamic doctrines about the proper path and living that Muslims should commit themselves to. Instead, they had violated every possible moral and religious belief that Islam strictly adheres to. An example would be the terrorist attacks bin Laden and his group (Qaeda) had committed. These acts of violence and terrorism are a strong contradiction to the Muslim belief that Allah’s follower should not inflict any physical harm to any living thing, whatever their worth is.

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Another prevailing example is the constant abuse that the Taliban government in Afghanistan and bin Laden’s group has inflicted to the women and children of their nation. This is in direct violation to the doctrine of Quran that the women are to be treated with respect and reverence, and this also includes the children, future Muslims themselves.”

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