Classical Music in Our Lives

In an article from watchbands. Org, Wanton, a 17-year-old trumpet player compares his feelings toward track to his feelings toward playing his instrument. Christopher Eerily – the guest pianist at their orchestra concert – asked him which activity he thought was more fun and energize.

Window’s reply inspires some reflection in the crowd. ‘They’re different,” he replies. “For me, get more of a rush playing classical music, because I can put more emotion into it. But for track, it’s more aggression … It’s more like cutting people’s hearts out.

Listening to music is just like reading a book. We remember where we were or what we were thinking of while reading the book, and that helps us remember the content and storyline. Coming up with or finding a story behind a piece helps us to remember the music and melodies, and to recognize it when we hear it again. Being more aware of classical music is the beginning of appreciating its beauty and order. A 2011 article from Pacific Standard Magazine by journalist and theorist Tom Jacobs summarizes his study of the connection between intelligence and music.In the study, American teens who scored high on the intelligence test favored classical music over twelve other genres. Jacobs’ theory Was that people with a higher intelligence level prefer to listen to more complex music, such as the classical genre.

The second part of the reason that many people ignore classical music is that they have no interest or curiosity toward it. Again, it is old and out of style. But it’s not. American rock band Evanescence’s song “Lachrymose” was based on the Lacrosse movement from Mozart Requiem (Lewis, 12) In X-Men 2, we hear Mozart Serenade in G during Magneto’s prison scene (Geoff, 12).These are only a couple examples of lassie music found in popular and well-known sources. There are so many more, if only we just listened a little more closely. Classical music is all around us, yet we fail to notice it.

Classical music is a beautiful art that is often ignored by the majority of the population. Would you ignore the song of an artist who won a Grammar last year? Of course not. Classical music has survived for hundreds of years; it is worth so much more attention than we give it. We need to help the newer generations appreciate and love this aspect of music, rather than completely pass by it.

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