Classical Music vs. Rock Music

3 March 2018

I studied classical guitar for around nine years and I loved it. I learned about USIA, history, compositors, and many more interesting things, but anything got me more into classical music than the mood of every song. The compositor of the song had to somehow create a melody that expressed a feeling; sadness, happiness, etc. , without having to create lyrics for that song. In rock the mood of the song exists too.

The only thing is that instead of expressing through melody they express through the lyrics that they adapt to a melody.Another big difference been rock and classical music is the people it reaches. Rock is a very common type of music and it is still in the life of almost every individual in our society. You can hear it at any time and almost anywhere. In the other hand classical music is very limited and it is not as usual as rock.

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Classical Music vs. Rock Music
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The people that usually listen classical music, listens to it for one of two reasons; they study or studied it or they use it as a relaxation method.Also, both fifths music styles had a huge difference, the complexity of each of the musical pieces.

It is common knowledge that rock is way easier to listen to. Rock songs, the popular ones, and even some of the ones that aren’t popular, tend to be simple, with sinkable lyrics, and words that mean something to a lot of people. In the other hand classical music tends to be a style that is not simple and requires the audience to analyze the melody and figure it out.Rock music tends to lack the mental effort of comprehension. Music is a very important thing in many people’s life. While some people like classical, other group will like rock music, it all depends in the taste of the individual. Of course they have many differences between them but you’ll always find traces of classical music in rock music.

But the really important thing is to use the music for it real purpose entertain and relax yourself while having a good time.

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