Classification Essay Research Paper 1ClassificationBy Gerald Abdesaken

7 July 2017

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Classification Essay Research Paper 1ClassificationBy Gerald Abdesaken
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Classification Essay, Research Paper



By Gerald Abdesaken and Justin Brown

Science-6th period

March 26, 1998


Investigate the method of categorization used by scientists today.


If we classify a group of random objects, so we can individualise each object.

Materials List

drawing pin glass slide seed gum elastic band trial tubing paper cartridge holder pin pencil lucifer penny wool strand plastic tie chalk file card


Kingdom1 ( School ) Kingdom2 ( non school ) File cardplastic tietest tubepennypencilthumbtackchalkseedpaper clipwool strandglass slidesafety pinrubber bandmatch

Kingdom School

Phylum: WritingPhylum: Non-Writingpenciltest tubechalkglass slidefile cardpaper cartridge holder

A. Phylum Writing is School objects involved in authorship, phylum Non-writing is school objects non used in authorship.

Figure 1

Kingdom: School Non-School

Phylum: Writing Non-Writing

B. All objects in the same phylum are in the same land.

Figure 2

Kingdom: SchoolNon-School

Phylum: WritingNon-WritingEasily Mildly DifficultFlexib. Flexib. Flexib.

Items in Easily Flexible: Plastic tie, wool strand, and gum elastic set

C. Phylum: Easily Flexible

& gt ;

Class: RubberClass: Non-Rubber

Way for gum elastic set: Non-School- Easily Flexible- Rubber

Way for Wool Strand: Non-School- Easily Flexible- Non-Rubber

D. All points in the same category are in the same phylum, all points in the same phylum are in the same land.


Scientists classify objects for 3 grounds. First, it shows relationships among beings by grouping them together. Second, they use the genus and the species as the name for the being. Third, the categorization system is the same worldwide. We separated the objects from lands, to phylum, so to category. Our lands were the School and Non-School groups. If we were to add a cork and a nail, they would bodge travel to the Non-School land.


Kingdom: Animal

Phylum: FliesSwimsStays Stationary

Class: Stingers No Stingers Pointed Round Star Shaped

Head Head

Each category does non needfully have to hold the same figure of beings or have the same figure of categories for each phylum.

1. Student A separated this by environment, air or sea.

2. Student B separated this by eyes or no eyes.

3. All animate beings in the same phylum do non belong in the same category.

4. A. This group has anchors.

B. Can populate in land and H2O.

5. Classs are more specific than lands.

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