Classification music

6 June 2017

Every person has there own style: what they wear, how they walk, who they talk to, or better yet what is playing in there headphones. When looking at someone’s outer appearance one can usually take a guess what kind of music there listening to. Fashion can become a big part of music. people sometimes want to copy the style of clothes that their favorite artist wears or act the way the person does as well. There are a few major stereotypes of people. Probably the easiest person to classify and what they are listening to is, baggy eans with their boxers showing, saggy t-shirts and that lean walk.

They could also be rocking a fitted hat and really nice Nikes. Some people would classify this group of people as “gangsters” who typically listen to rap,’hip hop. Sometimes the way they act or dress is a little different depending on which they listen to. This genre is the best example of how fashion really comes into play with music, artists like Eminem or Wiz Khalifa both wear baggy shirt and saggy pants. People have to get there style from somewhere. Dead Heads” , bellbottoms, marijuana, peace, all of these words can make up one word that everyone knows, Hippie.

Tie Dye clothing, maybe not so clean hair, Birkenstocks and peace love and happiness. This group of people are Immediately looked at as pot heads that listen to psychedelic rock/folk music. That Is also where the term “Dead Heads” comes from, a group of people who were in love with the Greatful Dead. The Greatful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Sublime and The Beatles were around In a time era of “hippies” a style was created and still carries on to this day. Theres also the group of people. guys mostly. ith long hair, ripped up blue Jeans, leather Jackets and whatever there favorite band is on there t-shirt. Metallica, Slayer, Pantera and Hatebreed are some bands that go along with this look. “Metal heads” “hair bands” is what some people call this genre. People who are a little more aggressive, they dont look very approachable. “hair metal” type of music has been around for a while but most popular in the 80’s, thats a little different then “metal eads” it is still metal but one is known as Glam Metal and the other is just strictly Metal.

Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Megadeth are bands categorized under Metal. Glam Metal Is big hair, tight spandex pants and bright colors this group could include Quiet Riot, Motley Crue and Kiss. Since different genres of music has come about it will always be easy to Judge most peoples music taste by what they wear. People get extremely wrapped up or even obsessed with a certain artist or a group of artists and they start to act and dress Ilke them. Every genre has a different style, and usually depending on what someone listens to they most likely have the style to match.

A newer image that has been getting pretty popular is Hipster/lndie. The girls mostly wear high waisted pants or skirts, old school sneakers, thick rimmed classes and mostly thrift store inspired fashion. Most likely they listen to bands like Modest Mouse, Mumford and sons and The Shins. Sometimes there are the extreme Indie folks who wont listen to something hit the radio, people like this probably listen to bands like Fleet Foxes, Fever Ray and aybe even Edward Sharpe but they may have become to popular as well.

Music fashion sense is absolutely mimicked in this society. Some people even have to look at other people, other fashion senses to even find themselves, they have to see something they like and mimic it. Someone finding themselves through music is not a bad thing whether the person may be a “gangster”, “dead head”, “metal head” or a “hipster” they most likely found themselves dressing the way they do because of the music they listen to.

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