Classification of Social Processes

1 January 2017

Process It refers to a group’s effort to maintain and practice concensus, cooperation, unification and integration in a group. These are process that tend to create harmony or unity in society. They are a positive type of interaction and can bring progress and stability •Cooperation It is sharing the responsibility or the act of working together in order to achieve a common goal. It comes from the Latin word “Co” means together and “Operate” means to work.

Characteristics of Cooperation 1. It creates social cohesion and integration among the members of the group. 2.It contributes to social stability and order 3. It fosters consensus and compromise in various social, economic and political issues. Types of Cooperation Informal Cooperation – It is a spontaneous give and take relationship. Formal Cooperation – This type sets formal goals and objectives in social interaction.

Classification of Social Processes Essay Example

Symbiotic Cooperation – It is a type of cooperation where one or two members of society live together harmoniously and support one another for mutual interest. IMPORTANCE OF COOPERATION It creates direct relationship between individual and individual, group to group and between group and individual.It brings all round development of society as well as individuals. •Accommodation It is an adjustment to conflict, past, present and incipient. It can be an adjustment of hostile individuals or groups. It refers to actual act of working together among individuals or groups in spite of difference or latent hostility.

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