Classroom Observation and Reflection Paper

Curriculum Constr. and Assessment: Reading and Language Arts, I had the opportunity to not only observe but teach a lesson that I created for Mrs. Watson’s Class at Little Rascals Daycare and Afterschool Program. Throughout this paper I will reflect on my lesson plan experience. First, I introduced the concept of letter blends to the students. I explained to the students that letter blends can be at the beginning, middle, or end of a word to make specific sounds. I then explained to the students that I was going to be teaching them beginning letter blends.

I went n to explain to the students that since there were several beginning letter blends that I chose five to teach about In the lesson. The blends that I chose were dr, n, bl, gl, and Ch. I went over each beginning letter blend, demonstrated the sound each make and provided several examples for each letter blend for the students. Next, I gave the students an opportunity to participate In the lesson. I held up picture flashcards that had different objects on them. The students had to raise their hands and tell me what the object was and the letter blend for that object.

I repeated this process until ach student in the class had a chance to participate. Once we finished, I answered any questions or concerns the student had. I noticed that the students were actively engaged in the lesson and seemed to have really enjoyed. Most of all they seemed to have understood the lesson with ease. Lastly, the students were given a cut and paste blending worksheet to complete. The worksheet had 1 5 different picture objects and letter blends on it. The students had to color (if they wanted to), cut, and paste the correct picture to its letter blend. Once the students finished the worksheet we went over it as a class.

Again, I answered any last questions or concerns and wrapped up the lesson. In conclusion, this was my very first time teaching a lesson. I have done several lesson plans before but never had to actually teach them. I believe the lesson went pretty good. The teacher and the students were both very welcoming and provided positive feedback. Although the lesson went well, the one thing I would change if I had to do it all over again would be to pick two or three blends at a time to teach instead of all five. Sometimes when a lot of information is thrown at the students it makes it harder to understand.

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