Clean Energy

9 September 2016

Energy is Possible First of all, energy comes from many sources like oil, coal, nuclear and wood. These four sources and others are dirty energy. There is clean energy like the solar, wind, water, and kinetic energy. Both of them cause bad or good problems I agree with writer with some points and I disagree with hem on other points. First I agree with him with the point the one that he talks about burning wood and coal causes a lot of pollution in the atmosphere also burning oil is dirty when the car burn the gasoline.

And I agree with him about the “nuclear power is very dirty, there are three parts to use nuclear power. The first is mining it, the second is processing it and the third is using it in a power station. Nuclear supporters” advertise nuclear power as clean energy. Advertising is not always truthful. It’s true it’s clean until there an accident, and accidents always happen. In fact, there is no industry that has no accidents. In addition, “getting the uranium out of the ground to process into plutonium for nuclear power stations is a very dangerous risky business for workers.

Clean Energy Essay Example

Uranium mining often causes terrible poisoning of people and land. Nuclear power stations, when there are leaks also cause the same problems: cancer, death, food supplies destroyed” (Cox & Hill, 2007) Now we have know that the nuclear and oil and wood is very dirty. The clean energy I can give an example about the clean energy solar energy, solar energy is so clean energy because it not causing any trouble because it came from the sun.

But the problem is the clean energy is to expansive, and that why governments don’t use it to much. For the I just give some example about dirty and clean energy’s and I hope so that governments all over the world find the best solution how to fix that big problem causing the world global warning and people life’s are in dinger from the bad energy’s and all the money of the world don’t cost to make people life’s in risk.

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