Cleopatra Essay Research Paper Cleopatra The Story

8 August 2017

Cleopatra Essay, Research Paper

Cleopatra, The Story of a Queen


Summary of Chapter V ; Chanatos

As portion of the squad presentation, the members of my group and I each read a chapter of Cleopatra by Ludwig. We were each responsible for sum uping our several subdivisions, and we created a coaction of all the sum-ups, which was presented before the category.

The subdivision that will be farther summarized is the concluding chapter of the book, the decision to Cleopatra s life. This concluding chapter depicts the concluding two old ages of Cleopatra s life and all the tests and trials that she endured. It deems her as a courageous adult female of her clip with great inherent aptitudes as she was approximately to confront her concluding fate.

Since Cleopatra hesitated to take sides in the civil war following her darling Caesar s decease, Mark Antony summoned her to run into with him to explicate her behavior.

The Roman shortly fell victim to her appeals and returned with her to Egypt. After populating with her for some clip, Antony felt compelled to return to Rome, where he married Octavia, a sister of Octavian. In malice of being married to Octavia, when Antony went to the East in bid of an expedition, he sent for Cleopatra. She joined him at the Antioch. After his licking, she joined him in Syria with military personnels and supplies. Afterwards, followings a more successful run against the Parthians, he celebrated his victory at Alexandria and he continued to shack in Egypt.

Cleopatra, exposing her commanding ways, wanted Antony all to herself. Octavian so declared war on Cleopatra, and Antony in retaliation, divorced Octavia. Against the advocate of Antony s advisors, Cleopatra insisted on taking portion in the resulting run.

At the naval conflict of Actium, believing Antony s def

eat to be inevitable, she withdrew her fleet from Action and fled to Alexandria. On the attack of Octavian, Antony, deceived by a false study of the queen s decease, fell by his ain manus. Cleopatra made some efforts to convey Octavian under her appeals, but neglecting in this and hearing that he intended to exhibit her in his victory at Rome, she killed herself by toxicant. Octavian put Caesarion, her boy by Caesar, to decease.

Throughout the full coda, Cleopatra was portrayed as an highly intelligent adult female, who aimed to affect and suppress. She was commanding and determined. She made uninterrupted aggravations, and she was non afraid to follow through on her actions.

This book is non recommended as a research beginning, because there is no cogent evidence of it holding factual content. It was written in 1937, and was non a university publication. The book, nevertheless enlightening it may be, is rather deceptive. The ground for this is that the writer had no footers, nor a bibliography to endorse up any of his points of position or any of his statements. The narration was 3rd individual, and was from a point of view of the 1930 s. It is typical of a historiographer from that epoch due to the vocabulary that was used, and the focal point it took on. This book is nevertheless recommended as a show of the 1930 s historical positions and vocabulary. Overall, the book brought up many interesting points about Cleopatra and her personality. The book claimed that she was one of the most astute and intelligent adult females of her clip. She had a thirst for esthesis, and was full of enthusiasm. The writer did an first-class occupation in portraying Cleopatra as such a adult female.

Even as she faced her fate, she did so with pride, and was able to look back at her many achievements. The decease of Cleopatra symbolized that power, nevertheless strong it may be, does non last everlastingly.

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