Cleopatra Essay Research Paper TheodoraTheodora was the

8 August 2017

Cleopatra Essay, Research Paper


Theodora was the married woman of Justinian I who was crowned Emperor of the Byzantine Empire

in 527 AD. As his married woman, she ruled by his side, as his spouse, and her intelligence helped to

progress the Empire.

The exact topographic point of her birth has non been agreed upon. While some historiographers say she was

born on the island of Crete off the seashore of Greece, others speculate that she might hold been

born in Syria. Whichever the instance, she was brought up as the girl of a bear trainer who

worked at the Hippodrome ( a immense stadium-like circus ) , in Constantinople. She worked at that place as

a mummer, and subsequently as a full clip actress. At the clip, moving was non a extremely esteemed business

particularly for adult females, so the term & # 8216 ; actress & # 8217 ; was considered synonymous with the term & # 8216 ; prostitute & # 8217 ; .

While on phase she was remembered for her dare amusement accomplishments, away phase nevertheless, she

lived a normal vernal life and was most remembered for her wild parties.

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At the age of 16, she traveled to northern Africa as the comrade of an functionary. She

stayed there for 4 old ages before returning to Constantinople. She stopped by Alexandria, the

capital of Egypt and here she adopted Monophysitism. This was a signifier of Christianity that

believed that Jesus Christ was entirely godly and non both human and Godhead as was the orthodox

Christian belief. Monophysites were therefore non liked by Orthodox Christians since their instructions

did non conform to those of the Orthodox church. On transition to Monophysitism, she gave up

her former life style, and upon making Constantinople in 522, settled down as a wool spinster in

a house near the castle of the Emperor. It was while in this low life style, at the age of 20,

that she drew the attending of Justinian, so a authorities functionary.

Theodora was non merely beautiful, but intelligent, witty and amusing, which is possibly

why she won Justinian & # 8217 ; s love so much that he appealed against an old Roman jurisprudence that forbade

functionaries from get marrieding actresses in order to get married her. Justinian and Theodora were married in

525. In 527, Justin, the emperor of Byzantium, and Justinian & # 8217 ; s father died. The twosome assumed

control of the Empire and were crowned Emperor and Empress on 4th April of that same twelvemonth.

They ruled on the side as joint sovereigns with Justinian leting Theodora to portion his thrown

and take active portion I

n determination devising.

Possibly the most important event during Empress Theodora & # 8217 ; s regulation was the Nika rebellion in

which she proved herself a worthy and able leader. During this event, two rival political groups

started a public violence at the Hippodrome. They set many public edifices on fire and proclaimed a new

emperor. Justinian and his functionaries, unable to command the crowd prepared to fly, but Theodora

spoke up and gave a moving address about the greater significance of the life of person who

died as a swayer, over that of person who lived but was nil. Her determined address

positive Justinian and his functionaries and they attacked the Hippodrome, killing over 30,000

Rebels and emerging winning. Historians agree that it was Theodora & # 8217 ; s bravery and

finding that save Justinian & # 8217 ; s imperium.

Throughout the remainder of her life, Theodora and Justinian transformed the metropolis of

Constantinople, constructing it into a metropolis that for many centuries was known as the most fantastic

metropoliss in the universe. They built aqueducts, Bridgess, and more than 25 churches, the most

important of these being the Hagia Sophia & # 8211 ; & # 8216 ; Church of Holy Wisdom & # 8217 ; . To adult females, Theodora

may good be considered a baronial innovator of the adult females & # 8217 ; s release motion. She passed on

Torahs forbiding forced harlotry and established places for cocottes, passed rights that

granted adult females more rights in divorce instances, instituted the decease punishment for colza and established

Torahs leting adult females to have and inherit belongings. She besides provided safe shelter for

Monophysitic leaders who faced resistance from the bulk orthodox Christians, even though

her hubby Justinian was an Orthodox Christian.

Empress Theodora died on 28th June, 548. Her organic structure was buried in the Church of the

Holy Apostle, one of the glorious churches that she and Justinian had built in Constantinople.

Beautiful mosaics in Empress Theodora & # 8217 ; s recollection exist to this twenty-four hours at the Church of San

Vitale at Ravenna in Northern Italy. Even after her decease, her spirit lived on, and in this manner she

was able to hold influence on the Empire. Through what she had began, Justinian was able to

conveying harmoniousness between the Monophysites and the Orthodox Christians, and the position of adult females

in the Byzantine Empire was elevated high above that of the adult females in the Middle East and


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