Cleopatra Vii Essay Research Paper Cleopatra is

7 July 2017

Cleopatra Vii Essay, Research Paper

Cleopatra is a throne name to many Queenss from Macedonia who ruled in Egypt. The most celebrated of these adult females was Cleopatra VII. She was the girl of Ptolemy XII Auletes, King of Egypt.

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Cleopatra VII lived from 69-30 B.C. and reigned as queen of Egypt from 51-30 B.C. ( Encyclopedia Encarta 99 ) . Cleopatra is said to be far from beautiful, despite her glamourous image today. Her image on antediluvian coins made her expression like she had a long aquiline olfactory organ and masculine characteristics. She is besides said to be really seductive with her enrapturing musical voice and exuded personal appeal. She was besides really intelligent and a great swayer. She spoke nine different linguistic communications. She was the lone Ptolemy Pharaoh who could really talk Egyptian ( Internet site, 2 ) . The Ptolemy household had ruled Egypt since 305 B.C. After the decease of Alexander the Great, Ptolemy I declared himself King of Egypt. The Ptolemy household was of Macedonian descent, but is said to be portion Greek and portion Iranian every bit good. Cleopatra s father s, Ptolemy XII, full name was Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos Auletes which means flute-player in Greek. He began governing in 80 B.C. and continued to govern until his decease in 51 B.C. Cleopatra s female parent is said to hold been Cleopatra V Tryphaena, who either died or disappeared in 69 B.C. Cleopatra had two older sisters ; Cleopatra VI and Berenice IV, and one younger sister, Arsinoe IV. She besides had two younger brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV, both of whom she had to get married. In 58 B.C. Berenice IV took over the land coercing her male parent, Ptolemy XII, to fly to Rome. She ruled Egypt until he regained the throne and so in 55 B.C. he had her beheaded. Cleopatra s other sister disappeared sometime between 58-55 B.C. Ptolemy XII named CleopatraVII and Ptolemy XIII as inheritors to the throne and when he died they took over. A regulation established by Ptolemy II stated that you had to get married your sibling if governing a state together. So Ptolemy XIII and Cleopatra VII married, but purely as a regulation. Cleopatra VII was 18 and Ptolemy was merely 10 when they were named King and Queen of Egypt in 51 B.C. ( From now on Cleopatra VII will be Cleopatra ) . For the most portion Cleopatra did most of the opinion. Meanwhile, Ptolemy served as a pet for his advisers. They would state him what to make. Finally, three old ages after Cleopatra had ruled they advised him to take entire control of the land. He went with his advisers and Cleopatra was exiled. Outside of the walls of Alexandria, the larboard metropolis of the land, in Syria Cleopatra began to build an ground forces for her retaliation. Meanwhile in Rome, Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great were contending against each other in a civil war. Pompey was Alliess of the Egyptians and fled to Egypt to seek out aid. Pothinus, one of Ptolemy s advisers, predicted that Caesar s triumph was inevitable, and he told Ptolemy XIII to hold Pompey beheaded in hopes that Caesar would take their side in the civil war between Cleopatra. So Ptolemy XIII had Pompey killed in forepart of his married woman by Lucius Septmus, his retainer at one clip. Pothinus had Pompey s caput saved for Julius Caesar to see when he arrived. When Caesar did arrive and they showed it to him, trusting that he would be pleased. However, they discovered that he was really fed up. Pompey was one time a friend, and he thought that the manner he was viciously butchered in forepart of his household was really disrespectful ( Internet site, 1 ) . Outside the walls Cleopatra knew she had to state Caesar what was truly go oning. She disguised herself, wrapped herself in a axial rotation of rug, and was carried into the palace. She knew that if anyone would catch her Ptolemy XIII would hold her beheaded. She made it up to the room where Caesar was remaining and when she fell out of the rug piece it is said that Caesar fell in love with her appeal. They stayed the dark together ( Internet site, 2 ) . The following forenoon Caesar decided to name an audience. Ptolemy XIII was shocked to happen Cleopatra at Caesar s side. He stormed out of the castle shriek that he had been betrayed. Then, Caesar had Ptolemy arrested, but Pharaoh s ground forces attacked the castle. Therefore began what was subsequently called the Alexandrian War. The civil war between Ptolemy XIII and Cleopatra had now turned into a war between Caesar and Ptolemy allied with Arsinoe IV. The war went on for six months. It ended when Pothinus was killed in a conflict, and Ptolemy XIII drowned in the Nile River seeking to get away. The metropolis of Alexandria surrendered to Caesar. Caesar held Arisnoe confined and restored Cleopatra to the throne. Again she was forced to get married her other brother, Ptolemy XIV ( Internet site, 2 ) . After the war, Cleopatra showed Caesar every pleasance and luxury she had to offer. This two-month trip included a circuit up the Nile River. Where it was

said that she became pregnant. They would hold sailed to Ethiopia if Caesar s military personnels had agreed to follow him. Roman historian, Suctonius wrote. After the sail Caesar returned to Rome go forthing behind three hosts to look after Cesarean and Cleopatra. She gave birth to his boy, Caesarion, or besides known as Ptolemy XV. It was said that Caesar may non hold been Cesarean s male parent, but Caesar claimed him as his. A twelvemonth subsequently Caesar invited them to Rome. The two were received with great award in Rome and a aureate statue was dedicated by Caesar to Cleopatra and placed in the temple of Venus Genetrix. Then, while Cleopatra, Ptolemy XIV, and Cesarean were in Rome, Caesar paraded through Rome s streets with his captives, including Arisnoe ( Encyclopedia Americana # 7, P. 51 ) .

They lived in Caesar s Villa for two old ages. The Romans were get downing to acquire upset by this excess matrimonial matter the two were holding. Caesar was already married to a adult female named Calpurnia. Romans thought that Caesar intended on go throughing a jurisprudence, which would let him to get married Cleopatra and do their boy his inheritor. He besides planned on going King of Rome. Caesar was assassinated at a Senate meeting in 44 B.C. Rome was so divided among three work forces. They were Octavian ( who subsequently became known as Augustus ) , Marcus Lepidus, and Marcus Antonius ( besides known as Mark Antony ) . Fearing for her life Cleopatra and her household returned to Alexandria. Shortly after the blackwash, Ptolemy XIV died. He is said to hold been poisoned by Cleopatra. She so put her boy Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor ( Caesarion ) on the throne with her. He was accepted as a swayer because at birth she had him recognized by priests of Hermon as the boy of the God Amon. After the conflict of Phillippi, in 42 B.C. , Mark Antony called Cleopatra to Tarsus to set up a meeting for assisting him with his difference fiscal state of affairs. Cleopatra saw another opportunity to progress her power. She charmed Antony with her ways. She arrived in manner on a flatboat with a aureate root, purple canvass, and silver oars. The boat was sailed by her amahs dressed as sea nymphs, and she was dressed as the goddess Venus ( goddess of love ) . She was under a aureate canopy being fanned by male childs dressed as Cupid. He began to fall in love with her ( Internet site, 2 ) . He granted her every petition and even had her sister, Arsinoe, killed. Antony returned to Egypt with her and for a twelvemonth from 41-40 B.C. she was his kept woman, confidante, and comrade. However, he was compelled to return to Rome to carry through his responsibilities at that place. For four old ages they were separated. In 37 B.C. he sent for her to fall in him in Antioch where they were married. But Rome did non honour this matrimony because he was already wed to Octavian s sister, Octavia. Their twins were so born Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene. Antony granted Cleopatra portion of his districts in Syria. She so became pregnant once more with Ptolemy Philadelphus. The chitchat being spread around Caesar s land in Rome led charges being pressed on him. Finally, his powers were taken off from him. Cleopatra returned to Egypt. Finally, Antony divorced Octavia and went to be with Cleopatra. Octavian declared war on Antony and Cleopatra in 32 B.C. The two commanding officers of their ground forcess met in Actium to discourse the opinion of the Roman universe. Antony used Cleopatra s program so when the ships fled his ground forces surrendered and did non fly with him and Cleopatra to Alexandria. Back in Alexandria, Cleopatra could state that Antony s spirit was broken. It shortly became clear to her that her dreams of power could non come true with him at her side. They both tried to negociate with Octavian once more, but it proved to be unsuccessful. Antony returned to Rome. Cleopatra so locked herself in her room with two retainers and word got to Antony that she was purportedly dead ; he so committed self-destruction thought that she was gone. Then hearing the intelligence of his decease she went to plead with Octavian one time more, but it was unsuccessful. He held her prisoner where she excessively committed self-destruction. Some say she poisoned herself, others think that she died from snakebite. Cleopatra and Antony were buried beside each other at her last petition to Octavian ( Encyclopedia Americana # 7, P. 51 ) . Octavian put Caesarion to decease stoping the household s long regulation of Egypt. Egypt so became portion of the Roman Empire ( Encyclopedia Encarta 99 ) . The Ptolemy household ruled Egypt for many old ages and Cleopatra VII was the last swayer of the Ptolemic dynasty. This narrative is merely one of many narratives that make history from this clip and country. This event is a major factor in how Rome gained the land of Egypt. There are many other films and narratives that portray this narrative, every bit good as others, which illustrates history, love affair, rebelliousness, and craftiness of ancient swayers.

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