Client Overview

1 January 2017

Code of Ethics: – carry out the work to the highest levels of standards and act in a professional manner – remain loyal and faithful to the client – act in the best interests of the client – protect confidential and private information Client & Promotion Overview Rag & Bone is a rapidly growing retail company, which made-in-America clothes combine innovative denim and twill with hometown heritage. They recently opened new stores in New York, Boston, Washington, D. C. , and Tokyo. However, Rag & Bone plans to keep expending internationally and outlines the idea of opening a new store in London later in 2012.

Originally, Rag & Bone was formed by Brit transplants Marcus Wainwright and David Neville in 2002 in New York. Two men couldn’t seem to find a decent pair of jeans and had to teach themselves the craft while visiting the now-closed Kentucky Apparel in Kentucky—the factory that produced their first jeans line. Rag & Bone’s menswear launched on the runways first and the women’s a few seasons later. Today, with Wainwright as the designer and Neville handling the business end of things, the brand has grown to include children’s clothes, accessories, and shoes.

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Considering the grand opening of their first store in Europe, Rag & Bone plans to celebrate it by throwing an event that will help to raise brand awareness and increase their sales. The event will feature latest ready-to-wear collection by Rag & Bone, newly discovered UK musicians, and artists who will participate into store decoration process. The event will be themed by their latest

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