Climate Change Awareness Essay Sample

Peoples are by and large incognizant of clime alteration. The authorities has put into action activities that will assist raise consciousness of this such as the “Earth Day” . This may supply information to most but. people in rural countries seem to be less educated on clime alteration than those in metropolis countries who are most affected by the government’s plans. Though most of the people are stating that they are genuinely cognizant of the environment. it is still non assured that they have high cognition about the clime alteration. Climate alteration is a development issue. Because of its possible to impact so many facets of human life. it is arguably the world’s most of import development issue today. Climate alteration is even expected to damage agribusiness and endanger the nutrient supplies.

It can raise sea degrees which displaces 1000000s of people and even endangering the being of some low-lying island provinces.

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The pupils should be able to acknowledge their restrictions understanding about this issue. This survey will demo merely how the people in a specific community. Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus. are cognizant of clime alteration. This survey will assist on placing which gender and twelvemonth degree are more cognizant of the clime alteration. The survey will be conducted through the usage of studies to garner information. and the resulting information and information will be the bases of stating their consciousness mark. Each pupil will hold consciousness tonss which will state how cognizant the pupil is about the clime alteration.


The pupils were given a questionnaire or study signifier and asked to reply each inquiries with their ain current cognition. Questions on the questionnaire or study signifier were approximately climate alteration. This will prove the pupil what they presently know about clime alteration. After replying the inquiries. including some personal information like twelvemonth degree and gender. their replies will be written in a tally sheet. There are about 70 points in the study in which there is a right reply. Every correct reply means 1 point to their consciousness mark. Awareness mark will find how much they know about clime alteration.

The information was classified to different gender and twelvemonth degree in a signifier of a tabular array. The tabular array has different columns which are their age. twelvemonth degree. sex. scholarship. location. income. wellness status. clip of reading or observation. topics taken and their entire consciousness mark. The pupil with the highest consciousness mark in each gender in a twelvemonth degree was taken and analyzed with a chart or graph.

Consequences and Discussion

The people who were asked to reply the study were the pupils of Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus from Grade 7 to 4th twelvemonth. Most pupils have about 50 % to 70 % right replies on the study inquiries. No pupils were to transcend 80 % of right replies and some even reached 0 % to 30 % of right replies. The Grade 7 pupils largely have less than 60 % right replies. Second twelvemonth pupils have better tonss with the most pupils making more than 60 % . Third twelvemonth pupils have more tonss making 70 % . And the 4th twelvemonth pupils have rather the same tonss with the 3rd twelvemonth pupils. Male pupils have higher consciousness tonss than the female pupils.

Highest consciousness tonss of male and female pupils in different batches

Based on the information gathered. the older the pupil. the higher the mark is. It is rather sensible since older pupils have more cognition and experience because they took more scientific discipline classs than the 1s younger pupils. Besides. male pupils are more cognizant of the clime alteration than the female pupils. Common errors of the pupils were made on the inquiries sing the effects of the planetary heating and nursery consequence to the environment.

Students who read books. newspapers. watch telecasting and can entree to the cyberspace have more cognition about the clime alteration. Having more beginnings of information can add up to the cognition of each pupil. But these beginnings can besides give misconceptions about the information of what they are reading. This may be a job particularly about their cognition about the occurrences in the environment.

There are many common constructs about the clime alteration. An illustration of it is that firing fossil fuels uses the ozone bed up. Burning is a chemical procedure and besides follows the jurisprudence of preservation of affair. Combustion merely combines the O and C and does non vanish when it is burned. Another misconception about the clime alteration is that planetary heating is caused by the hole in the ozone bed because it allows more radiation to come in the Earth. That is wrong since it is merely caused by the addition of nursery gases in the ambiance. It is true that the hole in the ozone bed lets in more radiation like UV ( Ultraviolet ) Radiation but it is non a great factor of the planetary heating.

Bing cognizant about the environment is a really of import affair. Students or adolescents presents are more funny about anything else but environment. They are more funny to engineering than clime alteration which is bad for everyone. Students must at least be able to cognize the ground of the clime alteration in our environment. Although based on the information gathered. some pupils do non even know those grounds.


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