Climax Community

1 January 2017

An area of the forest that experiences very little change in species composition is a climax community/primary succession. Climax community 2. The amount of oxygen in a fish tank is a tolerance zone/limiting factor that affects the number of fish that can live in the tank. Limiting factor 3. Ecological succession/Secondary succession describes the events that take place on a hillside that has experienced a destructive mudslide. Ecological succession 4. Lack of iron in the photic zone of the open ocean restricts the size of the plankton populations.

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Iron is what kind of factor for marine plankton? C. limiting 5. According to the graph, which letter represents the zone of tolerance for the factor in question? D. D 6. What does the letter “D” in the graph represent? A. zone of tolerance 7. Which letter represents the zone of physiological stress? C. C 8. Which is a place you most likely would find pioneer species growing? D. newly formed volcano 9. Career in Biology A state parks and wildlife department stocks several bodies of water, including rivers and lakes, with rainbow trout.

The trout survive, but do not reproduce. In terms of tolerance, discuss what might be happening. They maybe limited by the temperature of the water they live in. 10. Short Answer Describe how the successional stages would differ from primary succession. 11. Open Ended Explain why the concepts of limiting factors and tolerance are important in ecology. They are important because theses factor might help explain why the population of a species is decreasing or increasing. 12. Infer whether species diversity increases or decreases after a fire on a grassland. Explain your response.

Increase because after a fire perennial grasses and herb are not eliminated to their underground stem, which means that the wildlife will continue to flourish. 13. Generalize the difference between a successional stage and a climax community. 14. The condition of the atmosphere. Weather 15. The average conditions in an area. Climate 16. A biome characterized by evaporating exceeding precipitation. Desert 17. Which best describes the distribution of communities on a tall mountain? B. Several communities might be stratified according to altitude and might end in an ice field at the top of the highest mountains. 8. Which area receives the least amount of solar energy per unit of surface area? 19. What is the name for the large geographic areas with similar climax communities?

Which biome occurs in the United States and once contained huge herds of grazing herbivores? C. grassland 21. Which land biome contains the greatest species diversity? D. tropical rain forest 22. Open Ended Describe a biome that might be found in the shaded are below. Tropical seasonal forest would be a biome that might be found in the shaded area. 3. Open Ended In December 2004, a huge iceberg caused a large number of penguin chicks to die of starvation. Ice shelves broke apart in areas where the air temperature increased. The parents of the penguins cut off their food source. How is this an example of temperature limiting factor. The air temperature increased which caused the penguins to die stopping the numbers and distribution. 24. Suggest why land biomes are classified according to their plant characteristics rather than according to the animal that inhabit them.

I think they are classified by plants and not animals because the kind of plants growing there will determine what type of animal would survive in the area. 25. Classify a biome that is warm to hot in the summer and cool or cold in the winter and that receives approximately 50-8 cm of precipitation annually. Temperate grassland. 26. A(n) area where freshwater and saltwater meet provides a habitat for a diversity of organisms. An estuary provides a habitat for a diversity of organisms. 27. The well-lit portion of the ocean is the area where all of the photosynthetic organisms live.

The limnetic zone is the area where all of the photosynthetic organisms live. 28. The shoreline of the ocean contains communities that are layered depending on how long they are submerged by tides. The intertidal zone contains communities that are layered depending on how long they are submerged by tides. 29. Where is the largest percentage of water located? C. oceans 30. In which area of the lake is there likely to be the greatest diversity of plankton?

Which best describes the intertidal zone on rocky shore? B. he communities are adapted to shifting sands due to incoming waves 32. Short Answer How is light a limiting factor in oceans? As depth increases light decreases so organisms that require light to survive are unable to live in the cold, dark areas of oceans. 33. Short Answer Describe characteristics of an estuary. A place of transition from freshwater to saltwater and from land to sea. 34. Open Ended Describe adaptations of an organism living in the abyssal zone of the ocean. They had to adapt to the cold temperature also make an adaptation to the type of food they eat.

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