2 February 2017

I believe any time when there is money, drugs and murder is involved within a community or neighborhood the outcome for the people who live in this type of society can never achieve some type of goal they see or set for themselves. (Massood, P. J.

2001). In conclusion think that almost everything in this movie was deviant and they should be prosecuted. The cops in the movie I thought were unethical and the police should be punished as well. The reason why I say this is because all the young boys in this movie where selling drugs and committing murder.They knew it was wrong but they didn’t seem to really care nor did the police, they themselves really didn’t seem to care about what they did either for example; the two officers were on their way to a crime scene and they were drinking, and the way they handled Darryl’s body. Furthermore when Shorty ha d took Shrike’s gun and shot a man. Dt.

Clockers Essay Example

Rocco altered Shorty’s confession. Finally there is no reason why all the young men sitting on the bench didn’t have real jobs or even go to school, they themselves and the parents should be held reasonable. Killing is wrong and nobody should feel they have the right to take someone else’s life.Spike lee uses a unusual documentary camera effect to get close ups in the street scenes he fades in on facial conversations using hand held cameras he gets a Ghetto atmosphere in the movie using over exposed film different techniques of cinematography such camera angles, mise-en-scene, editing, and sound to enhance the use of close-ups gave them a viewer a sense of emotional connectedness. The use of cinematographic techniques made the viewer understanding of the relationship between Brothers including the father figures Rodney, Detective Rocco and Andre the local cop.These techniques used the space centralized in and around a plaza the indoor scene in Strikes apartment using dimmed light to enhance the train set scene pictured the fantasy world that normal every kids have to support strikes longing Adolescent side

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