Cloning: Fun for the Whole Family

4 April 2015
Looks at the pros and cons of human cloning.

This paper discusses recent developments and arguments in the human cell cloning debate. The author examines the anti-cloning argument, and then shifts to pro-cloning. The paper includes sources such as the Surgeon General and Dr. Jose Cibelli, the first person to clone a human embryo, as well as good sources for the cloning opposition. The paper also includes many recent developments in the cloning process.
“Human cloning is one of those issues where there are benefits and risks, but the benefits are prominent enough that the risks pale in comparison. There is no argument that cloning is a failsafe technology that cannot be manipulated to facilitate immoral uses, but most things can be used immorally in the wrong hands. In the right hands, human cloning technology can benefit the world and society in unprecedented ways. Cloning is an unexplored territory that must be searched and cultivated, because astounding advances are bound to be produced. As for what God would say about humans cloning humans, Robert Winston put it best when he said, ‘?Part of that divine spark is our intelligence and our inventiveness and that was actually a God-given tool, and that to fail to use that actually is a mistake.”

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